Who Is Really The Greatest?

Who do you think is truly the greatest TD scoring machine of all time in CFL history? All three of these gentlemen are CFL legends, regardless of the results. To qualify, in case you havent figured it out, the player has to have accomplished 137TDs.

I picked George Reed. I am a Rider fan obviously, but I didnt choose him for that reason, although I'm sure it does help :stuck_out_tongue:. I choose him because his TDs were a lot harder on the body than Milts were. And although I really respected Mike Pringle's game, I didnt really like him, for w.e reason. So that leaves George Reed for myself.

I think the results will be interesting.

Milt Stegall will be the greatest of all time.

You can't compare RBs to SBs. Apples and oranges.

In addition, you can't compare two eras of great football. Oranges and apples.

By the numbers, it's Milt.

I am in no way insinuating that any of these gentleman do or have ever done sports enhancing drugs, but...

Maybe (in all sports) we should have a new category (call it the Bonds category). Pre and Steroids era.

Whether or not you do steroids...you would be classified as the greatest player in the steroids era.

Just a thought.

Go Bombers!!

Yet you did so when you chose Stegal!

I voted Reed because he accomplished the feat when teams only played 16 games and didn't play for a ridiculously long time. It's incredibly hard to compare a running back to a receiver though, and im sure you can make a case for Milt, the only thing he's missing is a Cup.

I’m biased, so I said Stegall, but the TD record is just one of many he holds, so for that reason I gave it to him.

Most TDs in a career - 137 (tie with George Reed and Mike Pringle)
Most TD receptions in a career - 133
Most TDs in one season - 23 (2002)
Most TD receptions in one season - 23
Most yards per catch in a season - 26.5 (1998)
Most yards receiving by a Bombers receiver - 13,587
CFL Most Outstanding Player - 2002
Named as receiver in top passing tandem in CFL history together with Khari Jones [2]

Also, Stegall has done it in fewer games, Reed was at 203, Pringle 188, Stegall is at 167.

TD King? Has to be Stegall. Like piggy said, he's done it in far fewer games, and he'll end with 140 plus.

You would expect RB's to own such titles, hence why Reed and Pringle were at the top together. But with Stegall so far ahead of any other reciever, that makes it extra special.

Stegall is the TD King

I went with Reed, and yes, it was a homer pick. I gave him the nod because he didnt taunt or grandstand-- he just played his game, and was great at it. You saw true sportmanship from Reed, he defines the word class.

I completely agree with that. George Reed is the classised guy I've ever met. I'll have to go with him for that same reason. And you know I'm a Rider fan, and he was on that great '66 team,so that plays a small role in my decsion.

I went with George because so many of his were those tough goaline stands that beat a player up.
Too many of Milt’s are those easy 100 yarders where nobody even lays a glove on you…

Unlike many people voting, I can honestly say I have a completely unbiased point of view. I picked Reed, and here's why:

Reed did it at a time when there were fewer games played per season. (I didn't have a game count, so if PIGSEYE is correct, this argument is apparently flawed.) But he also did it on a team whose quarterback became the league's all-time leading passer by a huge margin over the others that played in his day. Yet Reed still put together huge rushing numbers and set a record that lasted longer than most of today's players have been alive.

Stegall will break the record, but will it stand for as long? Likely not.

stegall has played 180 games.

Bomber site says 170

After Stegall. Who could break it?

from this page

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=roster&func=display&ros_id=13]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=rost ... &ros_id=13[/url]

I get

14 - 06
18 - 05
16 - 04
18 - 03
18 - 02
18 - 01
16 - 00
13 - 99
7 - 98
18 - 97
11 - 96
6 - 95

For a total of 173 plus 1 this yr. I guess I added wrong before.

since they seemed to make a point of saying when he played less than 18 games, I figure a full 18 where they dont say any number.

Stupid CFL cant even provide full player stats. Bombers either it seems.

off the field, it really is a second rate 2 bit league.

////i had and have the great pleasure of watching both of these very talented players perform.....George Reed was in a class by himself....also had one qb. for most of his career ...Lancaster and Reed were like hand in glove on the field....you would have to say if Milt had the same situation for the Bombers over the years....who knows how many tds. he would have had....Both great players at their respective positions.....but i'm goin with Milt.....no bias of course.... :thup: :rockin:

I like this poll I made lol. Its neat to see everyone's point of view of "The Greatest"

Interesting stats. Here's another one to add to your history book, piggy.

Number of Grey Cups Won: 0
Knowing that all of his career stats will mean nothing to Stegall if he has no rings on his fingers: priceless 8) :lol: 8)

This is the roster page.

[url=http://www.bluebombers.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=113&Itemid=166]http://www.bluebombers.com/index.php?op ... Itemid=166[/url]

Your right larry, he would trade it all for just one ring. I'm actually a little surprised that you would sink to such a level to discredit him with it. You really are an ass.

But that's where you're wrong, piglet. I'm not discrediting Stegall, whatsoever. It's not his fault he's played his first class career for a 3rd rate organization that hasn't been able to build a Championship calibre team around him in his long and illustrious career. Discredit the bummers? Absolutely. It's a shame they'll send him into the sunset as a Hall of Famer with no Grey Cups. Discredit Stegall? As I said, can't really blame him.

George REED had the record for awhile now sooo.... i will pick him :cowboy: