Who is really the GOAT qb in NFL

not Brady.

He has not the most yards or the most TDs in career

He has not the best passer rating, or passing percentage.

in fact, look for the passing records in the following

you will see that although Brady is mentioned a number of times, others such as Brees, Manning, Rodgers and a couple others are mentioned notably more.

His best stat in TD/int ratio, and he is only third in that.

What has he got going for him...6 rings. Maybe having a great defense and quality offensive players around him had something to do with that.

Yep it is really difficult to decide who we think is the Greatest QB of all time never mind having universal agreement. Not sure we could agree on a top 10 list although I'm sure Brady would be universally included in that. As would Manning.

I have long held that my GOAT is Joe Montana. He just found so many ways to beat you. And he seemed to elevate those around him to HOF status. And of course he won.