Two more months until Riders glorious quest for the Cup begins. Couldnt come soon enough.

I'm looking forward to this season and feel good things [in an up-beat fashion] are in store for the Riders. I also read in an article about mini-camp from the Regina Leader that Cortez was displeased with Durant; used last years terminology twice while calling a play, resulted in Darian being replaced with one of his understudies. Interesting to say the least.

That is the way Cortez runs his offense. No non-sense kind of guy. If a receiver lines up in the wrong spot in practice, he is pulled and a replacement is put in, this doesn't matter if it is Dressler, or a rookie, he wants perfection. He doesn't pick favorites, and this should help to eliminate some illegal formation penalties and other avoidable calls.

I saw the first bit of my grass today.
that honestly excites me even more!
I bout a new roadster that is sitting in the garage waiting to be used! And yes...it is over indulging :slight_smile:

Can't wait for game day, but from where I sit, will it be warm or playin' it in the snow!?? Winter just won't let go. :cry: