Who Is Poida Smith??

If anybody ever reads the Globe and Mail sports section on the net, you'll see a comment section where people can leave responses to the stories in the paper.

Well, for just about every CFL story, there's some a-hole who goes by the name Poida Smith, who always leaves negative comments.

This guy just tears apart the league and its fans. He calls the CFL minor league, and even refers to Canadians as idiots. And says how its a waste of time to watch Canadian football. Blah blah blah.

This guy is infatuated with his hatred of Canadian football.

If you want a good laugh, go to the globe and mail sports section and click on the "comments" after each CFL story. This guy is a piece of work. But he's also an a-hole.

wont waste my time....thanks

I haven't read it but it seems to me its just another wannabe who is jealous of our game

It’s amazing how many people will put a huge effort into being negative about something, but try to get these same meatballs to do something positive in their communities, and look out.
But in the case of people who are negative toward the CFL, like this jerk we’re talking about, I just think of the comment Mick Jagger once said " it doesn’t matter what they’re saying , as long as they’re talking about you."
The CFL obviously has some effect on this guy’s life. Maybe it’s a pen name for Paul Godfrey. :lol: