Who is Ontario's Team?

Ok, Football fan from the States here, so forgive me if this is a stupid question.

I know the respective metropolitan areas for Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa root for their respective teams, but who is the most popular team throughout the rest of the Province?

I know Ottawa is not participating right now but they are a storied program with a history centered around the wildly popular Canadian QB Russ Jackson and they are starting back up soon (supposedly) so I am including them.

Do Ontario residents root for Toronto since they are accustomed to having to do so in other sports?

Is it regional where Those in the south from Windsor to London and over to Niagara like Hamilton, those in the far East like Ottawa, those in the Thunder Bay area like Winnipeg, and everyone else likes Toronto?

Who is the most popular team outside of the Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa metro areas?

Are the Bills in the discussion?

Plead your cases.

I see more Ticat fans in my travels through ontario than Argo fans.This includes bracebridge, north bay, sarnia, london and Niagara Falls.This is just what I see though, i'm not saying that there aren't any or more Argo fan's in the area.

its hard to find people in toronto who cheer for toronto

Currently I'm living in Kingston, which is about 2 hours southwest of Ottawa, 2.5 east(ish) of Toronto, and 3.5 hours east of Hamilton, assuming you don't stop for gas you're not driving through Toronto during rush hour (which more and more seems to be always). The two dominant teams here are TiCats and Argos, not surprisingly, although neither of these have that strong of a presence. It's hard to say for sure which of the two teams is better represented, but I'd guess that Toronto has a slight edge. One of my colleagues tells me that he knows a bunch of people that have had Argos season's seats for years.

I was here the whole time that the Ottawa Renegades were active, but I don't think they ever caught on. It would have been interesting to be here when the RoughRiders were still around. I imagine they were more popular.

Montreal has a pretty strong presence too, relatively speaking, which makes sense, since it's only about 3 hours east of here.

Overall, though, the CFL trails pretty much any other sports league by a pretty large margin. It's far easier for me to find merch for any of the "Big 4" leagues than it is for the CFL.

I think for the east as a whole the Argos would have the biggest fan base

I'm with 15. I see more Cats fans than Argos fans, but that's just what I see. I don't think the CFL is that big in Ontario, especially when you compare it to the West.

What? What's the matter with all of you?

Everyone knows that the most popular team in Ontario ... or anywhere on God's green earth for that matter, is the Riders !!!!

Seriously, get a grip!!! Like, you don't know what I know so you wouldn't know that.

It's so obvious you can't even see it.

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Thanks legalbeagle for my laugh of the day !!

This may be an early contender for post of the year. . .

there's no such thing as ontario's team, just like the rider's aren't canada's team, and the cowboys aren't america's team.



No, it doesn't work that way.

I grew up in Hamilton, and it was not at all unusual to support the Maple Leafs (back in Original Six days, when the only other teams were in America or Quebec), while hating the Argos is normally part and parcel of supporting the Ticats.

Back then the Leafs were English Canada's team, the Canadiens were French Canada's team (and most of them actually were French Canadians), and hockey was Canada's game. Even so, my mother's family were all Canadiens fans because Conn Smythe, the longtime Leafs' owner, played a large role in killing Hamilton's old NHL team, the Tigers. None of the above applies anymore in the way that it used to, except that Toronto may still be to blame for keeping Hamilton out of the NHL.

As for the CFL, with more Canadian teams to choose from, the Argos don't have a default claim on loyalties in Ontario. The problem is getting more people in Toronto itself to buy in.

As far as the Ontario demographic, it is a complex one.

Pretty much, if you live in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Oshawa or live an upper class lifestyle, it’s likely you are an Argos fan. You also are likely a Leafs, Jays, TFC and/or Raptors fan and don’t go to games because CFL is “Bush League” and Toronto clearly deserves an NFL team.

If you live in Hamilton, Burlington, St. Catharines, Brantford and maybe London or work in heavy industry, you are probably a Ti-Cat fan. You also are likely a Leafs fan but realize they stink and that you could go on a week’s vacation in the Dominican for the cost of tickets. You may also be a Jays fan but realize that you could buy a 24 pack of beer and water your lawn and you’d get many more times drunker and be just as entertained.

If you live in Ottawa or any of it’s surrounding areas, you are probably a Ottawa Rough Riders fan and refuse to cheer/support any other team. This is especially true if it’s in the Ottawa area and not named Rough Riders, even though there is already another team called Roughriders in the league and any prospective owner would have to shell out millions to acquire the name and use it (assuming the league would even let it fly).

Last but not least, if you’ve every been to Saskatchewan and drank the water, you’ve likely caught the Zombie Ganggreen plague and are a mindless Rider fan. You likely also suffered from dysentery around the same time. :wink:

Anyways, I typically see more Ti-Cats then Argos fans in my travels, but I don’t travel much. People like an Underdog and that’s pretty much Hamilton in a nutshell with how many times we’ve been burned sports wise (especially by Toronto)

I thought I'd also mention, in Windsor obviously the Detroit Lions have a lot more sway and the support for the Bills seems to just shortly end at Hamilton/Stoney Creek. The Bills used to be a lot more popular, but when then couldn't get the job done after 5 Super Bowls, Canadian support as far as I know dwindled. That and a lot of CFL fans have a hate on the Bills playing in the Rogers Centre and Rogers treating the Argos as second class.


[b]Ever since Bob young took over there seems to be a resurgence in the Hamilton Area for the Tiger-Cats Brand and Merchandise. The Ticats do an excellent job marketing the team and it seems nothing is done on the cheap compared to the previous ownership(s). It's a refreshing revitalization of Tiger-Cats Football. When the stadium debate was going on this past winter, ever where you looked people were wearing Ticats apparel !! :thup:

Oskee Wee Wee !![/b]

THE SAN ANTONIO TEXANS!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Kingston and east should cheer for Ottawa...

Mississauga west and south should cheer for the Hammer...

Central and Northern Ontario is Argo country...

Thunder Bay... could cheer for T.O...

Kenora/Dryden area should cheer for Winnipeg...

When it comes down to it, people from other Ontario cities do not pay much interest to the CFL. There might be a small handful who have a favourite team, but that’s it. If you’re not from Hamilton/Burlington or Toronto, chances are you don’t notice the CFL, unfortunately.

That being said, when I am in other cities, I have probably seen more Ticat apparel than Argo apparel. But, since I am a Ticat fan, I probably notice the Ticat apparel more.

This is true, unfortunately... I don't see a lot of CFL gear in London, and I'm the type of person who always notices sports gear, no matter what league it is. I always check to see what team the person is wearing. I'm sure a few people have caught me staring. :lol:

I have been a die hard cfl fan for 45 yrs now, yet had never worn anything from any cfl team. Just because you dont see the jerseys doesnt mean you are not surrounded by fans.

ok,ok, I know, in southern ontario, thats wishful thinking but.......

Many in Ont like nfl team,s usually green bay or the fish, the bills have a following as well. usually depends on how these teams are doing in the standings.

CFL would be the Ti Cats. cause the args yuck