who is on your Rider dream team ???

Of course this is open to much debate. Here is mine:
QB Ron Lancaster, RB George Reed, RB Kenton Keith, C Ted Urness, G Ron Atchison, G Roger Aldag ( honourable mentions to Ralph Galloway and Jack Abenschan ) T Clyde Brock, T John Terry, Rec Rhett Dawson, Rec Tom Campana, Rec Ray Elgaard, Rec Donald Narcisse, Punter Bob Macoritti and Kicker Dave Ridgeway. ( Paul McCallum is so close ... )

DE Bill Baker, DE Bobby Jurasin, DT Ed McQuarters, DT Nathan Davis, LB Roger Goree, LB Wayne Shaw, LB David Albright ( honourable mentions to Eddie Lowe and Cleveland Vann ) DB Fran McDermott, DB Todd McMillon, DB Bruce Bennett, DB Ken McEachern, DB Glen Suitor (honourable mentions to Mike McGruder and Lorne Richardson )

Coach Eagle Keys ( honourable mention to Joe 'Pops' Faragalli )

Moe, Larry and Curly

The funny thing about it is that the Three Stooges could beat the Stamps!

ha ha ha you recognized them any way I thought I would bring some humor but instead I got sarcasim that is okay good luck to your team this year.

Good picks donniechris59. How about an honourable mention for Joey Walters!

Yep… I could be tempted to replace Campana with Walters. Lots more on defense too… perhaps George Wells over Bobby Jurasin on the d-line and Vince Goldsmith playing either the line or linebacker. Al Ford was never an allstar but he was sure good to have around on the team for his receiving at tight end and punting. Bob Richardson was a darn good tight end as well but Ray Elgaard was the best to ever play the position at Taylor field.

But living for the riders now for nearly 50 years, this 2005 team seems as good of team as ever fielded by the riders. What makes this team great is the offensive line.

All the players from the Eskimos.

QB Marvin Graves, RB Rock Preston, WR Patrick Theibeault, Line Jennie Banga

WR-Travis Moore
Oline- Fred Childress
QB- Hank Burris

Did I miss any other Stamps that have played for the Green.

Give me a break redwhite2005, every team has all-star players that have played for other teams. For example Stamps have an all star that has played for the Riders (i.e. George White).