Who is number 22 for the Stamps and that # was retired

Well first of if any one can remember the Stamps retired the jersey number 22 which belonged to Tom Forzani.
Well at rookie camp guess what number 22 is out there who could it be?
Read the article below:

[url=http://calsun.canoe.ca/Sports/Football/2008/05/30/5720191-sun.html]http://calsun.canoe.ca/Sports/Football/ ... 1-sun.html[/url]

Interesting. Sounds like the pressure is on him now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chief those are big shoes to fit into. The kid was surprised that his father gave him his number to us.

This is a great story. I wish him all the luck!

Big shoes to fill, but if he's like his Dad.....

He did very well in the first day of camp. Did not look out of place.

What a feel good story that would be if he makes the team!

Good reporting 2005!

This kind of creeps me out.... Can anybody say Federick....
The Stamps attendance ( the real attendance....not the BS they claim) has still not recovered since F-Troop

Blin, the current Calgary Ownership is miles ahead of F-Troop. I wouldn't even dream of trying to compare the two.