Who is next year's QB?

In this off season we will experience one of those rare events, another team joining our league. This team will be allowed to select, I believe, three unprotected players from each of the other eight CFL teams. Okay, to start, the QB is a very important part of a team. Good QBs are hard to find. Please, I’m not advocating a QB change, or unhappy with Burris but rather I’ve had this question in the back of my mind for a while now and from reading the various comments from people in this forum I know there are a lot of folks here that have good football knowledge so I thought I’d throw this out there see what other people might think.
Next year, as mentioned, Ottawa is joining the league. Each team will be allowed to protect a limited number of their current players. So my question is, do you feel that Burris is going to be our QB for the next 2-3 years? If so, then we should be protecting Burris in the off-season when Ottawa will be drafting players. If not then should we not be giving our other QBs some playing time?
I guess people may be thinking, why asked this question now? Well, looking down the league it is my opinion that Hamilton has for the first time in a long time some talented QBs on their roaster. If we choose to protect Burris, then we are likely going to lose the best of our backups to Ottawa, which may turn out to be a great QB for many years forward. If we don’t protect Burris, chances are Ottawa will take him instead. Hence, the dilemma if we are not going to be protecting Burris then, should we not (since it appears to be a rebuilding year anyway) give some of these other guys playing time so we came sort out who the best QB is for this team and protect him? Hmmmm. ?

Maybe if you separate that giant block of text into proper paragraphs you might get a response.

we should totally protect one of our unproven rookies rather than our MOP candidate... we should totally let Burris go to a division rival and kick our collective a$$es even harder.

c'mon kids, ottawa is supposed to be the free spot on the schedule next year for us, that won't happen with a 5000 yd QB

Lets focus on this year !!!!!

IMO you gotta protect Burris

The current backups have zero CFL experience and are easily replaceable by any other QB with zero experience.

Is there anyone worth protecting? How the team performs the remainder of the year will give us some insight.

Is there anyone worth protecting? How the team performs the remainder of the year will give us some insight.

Burris will be our Qb next year.. as for Ottawa i think either Matt Nichols or Kevin Glenn gets the job :cowboy:

I wouldnt worry about any team from the east losing a QB to Ottawa.

It will be 2 qbs from alberta or 1 plus willy

I agree,
Tate from Calgary is injury prone to Buck Pierce type #'s and will not be protected IMHO
I think Ottawa would grab Tate

I wouldnt be at all suprised if the kid from the Argos(Colleros)ends up with the checkerboards next year.

It's a very valid question in the Original Post.

There's already talk in Calgary about leaving both Tate & Glenn unprotected & see what happens. (You can't loose 2 QB'S in the expansion draft. Also, if you loose a QB, you can't lose a kicker & vice versa)

I think most every franchise is thinking about this & planning accordingly. But the planning is not what most of us would think. I can see every team leaving their $400K Franchise QB unprotected. Ottawa is not going to start off with a $400K per year, give or take, with little else to support him/her.

Let's consider ...

Montreal ... Leave AC unprotected ... OttRB's select him ... he retires
Toronto ... Tempting ... Ray is BIG $$$'s ... Has some years left but you start off in a financial hole.
Hamilton ... Same as above except Burris is older and not as good as Ray. I say leave Burris unprotected.
Winnipeg ... They can't figure out their QB situaion. Why would anyone else?
Saskatchewan ... DD is protected for sure.
Calgary ... Leave 'em both unprotected ... Make Ottawa choose ... you keep the other & your kicker & all good.
Edmonton ... Gotta protect Reilly or Nichols ... either one is backup in Ottawa.
BC ... Might as well leave Lulay unprotected. ORB's won't select him @ those $'s & no one else to catch/run.

It's an interesting discussion though & one that will become more so as the year progresses.

Hey, they'll probably end up .500 with Glenn at the helm!

I understand where you are coming from with this, but I don’t agree with some of your selections. No way should the Argos or Lions even consider the risk of exposing Ray or Lulay. Huge financial hit, sure, but you pay for what you get and both those guys would be worth the money. I don’t see any way in which both of them aren’t protected.

The only one that I’m iffy on is Burris. Do you risk losing him and entrusting the QB spot to a guy who, barring injury to Hank this year, will enter 2014 with no CFL experience? Or do you protect Burris and know that even if one of your three QBs gets plucked, you still have two other guys who are pretty decent prospects?

I am still of the opinion that one of the two Calgary QBs will be taken - I would have pegged it as Glenn for sure, but now, not so much - and one of Edmonton’s or Willy in Saskatchewan. So maybe it doesn’t matter who gets left unprotected. But if a guy like Ray or Lulay or Burris is out there, I think any GM would be hardpressed to pass them up, even at the money they make.