Who is moving on?

After last night's shocking loss, who is going to be given the Golden handshake: Maciocca? D coordinator? Frank? Craver?

more than likely no one. But if I had to pick someone, it would be durden. 3 pass interference penalties(although one was complete bullshit). Got burned the game before vs. win, and the game vs. cal. as well.

Maciocca should be gone. What are the esks averaging this year? Like 15 points a game or something. It's a complete joke with all the talent on offense not being utilized properly b/c of the shittiest offence scheme in the league. Just take passes less than 10 yards out of your play book Maciocca. No more "lets hope we can get a 15 play drive to the endzone, with short passes", how about "we go deep twice, and if we get to third down, then just punt it".

Man, someone has the short field strategy wrong. You move the ball at will until the red zone. Then it seems what had worked is locked in a box somewhere. Ray got sacked and hit pretty hard. That has to change for sure because he will be in sick bay. Changing coaches? maybe not.

I don’t think anyone goes. Sure the defensive coach messed up on the last play. Bet they wont do that again!

I don't think the coach should go(yet). But get a new offensive coordinater and Durden should go too he's terrible.

8 men on or near the line of scrimmage by the defence on that last play. That call was not put in by the defensive coordinator. It had to come from higher up and I would bet that it was simply a "my ball's are bigger" thing and they wanted to sack Glenn and show the Blue Bombers who's boss. Something this dumb usually happens once or twice every generation...

What? You don't can players or coaches after one loss. Durden's a very good cover guy. I know: I'm an Als fan and he was one of the lynchpins of our secondary for many years. Maciocia made a mistake blitzing on that play, but he won't do it again in that situation. The Esks are too talented a team not to rebound -- hopefully it won't be against my Als this week, though. :wink: