Who is moving on in Edmonton?

After last night's game versus the Bombers, someone on the Esks has to go! Who...Macciocca? D coordinator? Frank? Craver, who has been dissected two games in a row by the Bombers?

Maybe the 35 year playoff run is finally coming to an end!

Please,don't give them any ideas. I don't want them to change anything. I love seeing the Eskimos lose. Normally, everything goes their way. I would love to see them miss the playoffs this year and the next five years. :lol:

Maybe if they played a clean game for once they would have 200 yards in penalties. Edmonton corner backs have to be the worst for that.

Actually scratch that. We play them 2 more time this season...keep it up! esks 4 l1fe!

I would be that if any of the coaches were fired it would be Maccoica's head on the chopping block. He is the person utlitmately reponsible for last night's meltdown on the final play. I believe Hugh's son is an assistant, so I highly doubt that Campbell would let his own son go, but stranger thing have happened...

Macciocia is the one to blame. Even if the D coordinator calls the plays, the Esks bltized on the second to last play and almost payed for it. That was the time for Macciocia to step in and assert some authority. As for blaming the players saying they were yelling from the sidelines to get back... who were they yelling at? It looked like they had eight guys rushing, which leaves four players in the secondary.

On a side note, what was Malcom Frank thinking going for the big hit in that situation. Just wrap up and make the safe tackle. It looked like with his arms tucked in, he was going for a bodycheck.