Who is most to blame for the Tiger-Cat struggles?

This exact poll is on the TSN website.

Thought it would be neat to comapre the votes of Ti-Cat fans from this site comapred to TSN website visitors, so vote here first to avoid the TSN poll influencing you.

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/Default.aspx?lid= ... lated_main

As much as I like Bob Young, I voted for him.

Scott Mitchel

where is Harold Ballard when you need him

I feel that the problem is with the scouts and gms.They have been unable to pick and sign any talented players over the last several years.We have had the prime picks in the Canadian draft for many years and yet don't have a solid core of Canadian talent that have become starters.

Denny Creehan! Can't believe he's still here.

Which Canadian players now playing in the CFL would you include in that?

IIRC, we could have had Andy Fantusz.

How can people be picking Bob Young?

Its Bob's fault he hired what many fans believed where the best coach available and best QB available at the time? And OVER PAID for them?

Bob SHOULD NOT be on any list because he spends good money on what turns out to be a bad choice.

All us Ticat Fans should be happy we have an owner would SPENDS money on what the fans wanted.

Taaffe. Honourable mention goes to Scott Mtichell.

I picked Bob Young year after year he admits he made mistakes and has learned from them yet here we are no further a head then year 1 in the 5 year plan. In fact we were better in that year 1. He we are in year 5 and still making those exact same mistakes. We sign noone in the offseason and its now obvious CP was only signed as a marketing blitz or else imagine what this years Season tickets wouldve looked like.

I picked Bob as well. If he had actually listened to those who know football, he would (and SHOULD) have hired FOOTBALL people for the head office positions. Unfortunately, he did not make the correct decision.

I blame him for the high turnaround of team presidents, General Managers, and the like over his tenure. That being said, I applaud him for saving the team...

It has to be Young. Fortunate for him he can't be fired. We have to question his ability to choose his football executives. One day he will get it right.
Even though Michael McCain didn't contaminate Maple Leaf cold cuts, he took the blame and responsibility for Maple Leaf Foods.

Agreed, and I woulnd't want any other owner.

I think he's figured it out and the winning is not so far off.

This isn't precisely along the same train of thought, but in the Maas trade we gave up a draft pick which was used by the Esks to select Adam Braidwood.

the TSN poll picks Casey Printers which only goes to show that the people on the sunshine coast have long and bitter memories... not accurate... just long.

o well TSN *the stupid network-- go figure.

Bob Young!!!!

TSN is a sutpid network because of an internet poll's results that are attributed to website visitors?

I think TSN gives us some great sports coverage and better CFL coverage than the CBC gave us.

Mr. Young, of course, if you have to pick one name.

He's the only constant over four years of mostly bad football. And he's the only guy that wasn't hired by somebody that is ultimately responsible for his performance.

I don't think picking Mr. Young is disrespectful, or ungrateful, or even negative. He meant well, he made mistakes, he still means well, I think he's on the right track track this time. As long as I see it that way, I have no problem putting the blame squarely where it belongs but still putting my money on the table come renewal time.

You're right, sig, Bob is the main culprit.

The others have played a part
since they have been here.

They are partially responsible.

bob is like the rectum in this joke.

The organs of the body are having an argument
about who should be the leader of the body.

The Brain said it should be the leader
because of it's ability to reason;

the Heart said it should be the leader
because it is the engine of life;

the Stomach said it should be the leader
because it feeds and nourishes the body;

and finally the Rectum pipes up and claims
it is more important than they are

because if he/she ever shuts down,
these self-important organs would

never be able to function properly.

To prove it, the rectum shuts down for a few days

The organs soon agree that the rectum
should have leadership of the body.

because it is more important to the body.

If Bob squeezed his sphincter muscles
and pinched off the money supply

this team couldn't function at all,
it would soon be out of business.

Aaahhhh. Ron is back with his wit! Nicely said…

8) Hey, at least good old Pal Hal won us a Grey Cup as our owner !!
  Leave him out of this mess  !!      <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->