who is more valuable this season? Fantasy football related

Richardson or Bratton?


Pick your poison.

The Rona picke'm to win + the points is fun. But..... Check this out...

Here's the site I roll with... http://www.fantaseh.ca

Danny Brown (the creator) from the Green Riders invited me. Haven't looked back. Kick ass!!!

I'm proud to be the Als represent of year two of the site. My Alouettes in the Nation Wide League

I made trades and picks through the draft. Finaly I got my team, after 7 weeks. Great idea and great site Danny!
Love me or hate me, it's a fuckin' crazy defense I've put togeather on our behalf.
Brown, Parker, Emery , Cox, Bowman, Cash et Bekasiak (injured reserved). Everyone sniped the offense. Damn!!!

THe hardcores across Nation Wide League know their football. I'm competing with those who know their ball week to week, day to day. Some attend practices. That's commitment. For the big prize.

I'm going with calculated Chugga-funka-bunch luck. You should too!
With some karma, win or lose, I'll be crossing paths with friends/foes at their expense in Toronto for Grey Cup. THe true prize.
Le Chugg.

p.s Kackert & Durie from TO, K.Banks from B.C would be safe point getters for your fantasy picks.
wildcards= Well that ill cost you!!

Peace out,
Le Chugg.

encouraging a Rider site? will you be wearing a watermelon on your head next on sept. 16? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am already in a league with my friends...and I have both of them..but I don't know who to start. its a H2H league...and I drafted richardson early this year...but he is a disappointment so far, but don't want to give up on him

Yeah I have both as well. In my league you can dress three recievers per game. I figure if London is out BC will be all over S.J Green so that will free up Richardson and Bratton. Delauries & Bowling wont see the ball much. So in my opinion, if you could go with both Bratton & Richardson go with it. If you had to pick just one, that's hard. I would lean towards Richardson for Fridays game. He's got something to prove. :thup:

Good Luck,
Le Chugg. :rockin: