Who is McMahon???

I firmly believe McMahon is non other than our own BOB YOUNG!!!

Think about it....

  1. "Claims" to know people in CFL management
  2. Never sticks around long enough to answer questions about his posts
  3. Doesn't know squat about football!!!
  4. Has never once yelled the "forbidden chant" (or will admit to saying it)
  5. they are never online at the same time.

Who else could it be?

why does a person thats posts wild stories get so much attention.
ignore them if they bother you or laugh at the forum he/she created

:o OMG K54 you may have something there...lol

Why does he/she get so much attention S-A?? Because speculation is fun :smiley:

Why does he/she get so much attention S-A?? Because speculation is fun
I think you could also be McMahon BG, you and McMahon are never on together either :o

I hear BG's cuter.

I think McMahon is the phantom that lurks in my closet at night.

Or maybe he's the One Armed Man from The Fugitive.

He could be Deepthroat from X-Files or was that All The President's Men?

Maybe he's the one hoarding the Arc of the Covenant, or the Holy Grail, or knows who really killed JFK.

If nothing else, he's the one who drove me nuts.

I think it Vincent Kennedy McMahon
he trying to make the CFL Teams Weak
so He can buy all Teams .and Bring back the XFL..:o

:lol: :lol:

You hear wrong, sir :smiley:

Kelly, I'm not McMahon, why would I want to meet myself?? I already know I'm not worth meeting :wink:

Fie on you BG. You're fascinating I just want you to know that I'm far more worth not meeting than you.

I'm also not McMahon. I would never claim to have the kind of football knowledge that he has.

who cares .......

These days.... anywhere you can find a bit of fun helps.

Mark, back off. I've made the first move.

I heard McMahon was spotted on the grassy knoll

Maybe there's a little McMahon inside all of us.

No moves here, Ock. Dear BG knows that I merely supply grandfatherly type advice to the young and spry.

If I tried to make any moves I'd probably throw out my back! Also, my wonderful(!) wife of 30 years might just be a tad concerned (and rightly so).

Ok, who’s hitting on my mom? Haha, you should all back off, she’s not allowed to date :slight_smile:…Just streak…

8) Who is McMahon ??? Why he is someone that I hold in high esteem and have great respect for !!! He travels all across Canada each week attending several CFL games, and is on a close first name basis with all CFL executives !!! He also knows most of the players, and he is the first person to get all the latest scoops and inside information on what is going to happen even before it is thought of !!! We should all be happy that he comes onto this site to supply all of us with so much valuable information !!! We are very lucky folks here indeed to be graced with his presence !!!! McMahon is the Man for sure !!! :thup: :thup:

All hail Lord Xenu!!!

Sarcasm...thy name is Ticat Chat Poster.

Personally, I thought that he was being facetious… but that might just be me.

He's Just a troll