Who is Mark Chapman?

Anyone know? I haven't even seen one highlight reel of him...

Griping over $10k (before tax) seems petty at this stage.

The guy who shot John Lennon . :’(

Catcher in the Rye and the Receiver guy . :-\

If Mike Jones continues his week 1 performance, then we won’t need Chapman at all. Jones is pretty much the same age, and has far more pro experience.

All you have to do is go to youtube and type his name in:

....was a joke. Perhaps a bad one. But thank you.

I figure that since the Ticats let Manziel hold out for months without offering him more, then they will with Chapman also.

Tillman seems firm in his contract offers, and I like that.

Do we know that? I'd be very surprised if what the club first offered was what they finally agreed on.

If he got more... it wasn't much more. He expected starter money early on - which would be 300K+ and settled for a 122K base.

Who is Mark Chapman...exactly. :slight_smile:

Answer : An unemployed Football player ...or...the guy who shot Lennon . Take your pick . :slight_smile:

Maybe we should trade his rights to MTL for NAT OL Ryan Bomben! :o

Is Chapman the son of The Dog. ???

I wonder if the league office is encouraging the Cats to keep the offer to Chapman down in order to control salary cap issues in future years. The have already instituted a cap on non-player costs for the clubs for next season. Having missed 2 game cheques, Chapman really should settle or risk further losses to his wallet.

The guy is a good receiver and the trade to get him was fair to both the Als and the Cats . Now it's time to get the deal signed and get Mark on the field !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

David William Naylor?Verified account
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Hearing that @Ticats first-overall pick WR Mark Chapman will be at the game tonight in Hamilton vs @Wpg_BlueBombers #CFL.

For a minute there I thought he meant that he would be in the game.

Does it mean he's close to signing?

You would think so. Every game he misses is a $5000 game cheque he misses! 8)

According to the attached article Chapman was miffed the Ticats wouldn't give him near the money the bombers coughed up to last year's #1 pick, Faith Ekakitie. Chapman has prolly realized or made to realize the bombers had the wool pulled over their eyes with Ekakitie - a guy who ballooned up to 335 lbs. (he's only 6'1") before reporting to training camp with Bombers. Don't know what happened but its not pretty - and Kyle Walters will forever wear this badge of dishonour regarding Ekakitie; finally deciding he had enough and cutting ties with Ekakitie before the regular season began, losing another #1 pick to gross drafting incompetence (and the big $100k salary for about 10 reps last year plus a substantial signing bonus; Ekakitie now toils as a spare in the Als camp - suspect he'll wash out of the league by end of this year, beginning of next!)

I think its to show him cats are doing fine without him.

Maybe they can come up with some performance based incentives to close the gap!

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From what I understand, Mark Chapman and the @Ticats are not close to a deal and have had no talks of late. Hosting him at the game tonight is just an opportunity for both sides to clarify where they stand.