Who is listening to the game?

Quick poll...

Did you or are you listening to the radio broadcast of tonights pre-season game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers?

I'm litening on the internet, does that count as "radio"?

lo, funny story the first hour from 8 til 9 i hid at the back of my work n did little duties around the radio and fought with every1 at work so i could listen to the first half :slight_smile: GO CATS!

I'm litening on the internet, does that count as "radio"?
Sure does....that how I'm listening.

Where else would I be?

Zamperin is doing good for a first timer.

Coach Sal is great as always.

Corrus is finally figuring out how to stream their feed over the net well.

Things are looking up.


I'm listening on the internet. Sounds like a pretty good game for an exibition.

Moi. :smiley:

I'm listening on 900 too... it seems to be quite bit delayed compared to CJOB tho

I had to go out so I was recording the online feed using Audacity, so I could listen later as an mp3. But about a half-hour into the game (an hour and a half into my recording) the online feed stopped and was waiting for me to click a button to let it continue playing.
Boooo to technology!

I sure did

You betcha

I too would like to add my Kudos to the broadcast.

Has anyone checked out www.mysportsnet.ca ? It’s a sports home page that you download and it figures out what kind of sports you’re into without you even telling it anything. It keeps getting smarter the more you use it too. Mine also gave me my local news and weather, search engines. It’s so great to have all my scores and stuff in one place. Very cool. You should check it out.

Zamperin sounded like a seasoned veteran. He and Coach Sal will make a great team.They could use some spotter help for the road games.Personnel updates of the lines and backs I'm sure will come with experience.I saw the game pretty clearly in my mind's eye and that is what good radio does.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )