Who is leaving town?Who arrives?

Just looking for some input on who you think will be sent packing this year and perhaps who you think might be comming to join our club.After giving up 576 points this year (the worst in the league) I believe the D.C will be on the train going out for sure but Iam not sure who else will be on that train.Your thoughts? :cowboy:

A short list from an old roster sheet;

Bob Obilovich - better is better, say good bye Bob
Scott Micthell - obvious reasons
Armando Murillo - can not cover
Nick Graham - same as above
Chevon Walker - easily tackeld - poor blocker - 2 play wonder
Carlos Thomas - can not cover
Chris Rwabukamba - same as above
Marcel Young - same as above
Jeff Tisdale - same as above
Ray Williams - not a middle linebacker - never in the play - all talk no action
Markeith Knowlton - too old
Kevin Eiben - same as above
Ike Brown - always injured
Tim O'Neil
Marc Dile
Greg Peach


  1. Obie - did nothing to fill obvious gaps (congrats on the promotion!)
  2. Cortez - did nothing to improve the defense (did not change D-coordinator, in-able to create wins from expensive offense, unable to manage a game effectively) teams that except last place finishes and retain services of last place coaches are doomed to repeat themselves
  3. Andy Fantuz - Overpriced and underachieving, could free up some much valuable cap space, maybe get a draft pick
  4. Porter - time to get a new number two
  5. Rey Williams - not a middle linebacker, not an Otis Floyd
  6. Jamal Johnson - was on the field for most of the defensive debacle and didn’t contribute when it counted
  7. Greg Peach - under performing despite high FA tag, if better is better, cheaper is cheaper
  8. Pretty much all of the secondary except for Webb
  9. Bakari Grant - flimsy, unpredictable play
  10. Creehan - almost forgot
  11. Hage - hate to say it but we need a steady center
  12. Giguere - trade him while he still has a little value (re: chris bauman)

Most Haves

  1. Congi -clutch
  2. Bartell - strong leg, good hitter
  3. Webb - fierce
  4. Chris Williams - the future of the franchise
  5. Avon Cobourne - Elderstatesman, great blocker, positive influence, great receiver, gets hard yards
  6. Chevy - he may learn under AC
  7. Onrea Jones - still haven’t seen the whole potential
  8. Markeith Knowlton - give him one more year to see if he can take control of the defense

With respect to your "Most Haves"....I don't disagree with most. I think Avon is done but would be great to keep around on the staff in some capacity. Would be a good teacher and motivator me thinks.
Let this be said once again and i've said it in posts going back to the time before we signed him. Fantuz is and was not worth the money spent. We already had Stala. We needed to focus on signing D-men. Obviously. (Who spearheaded the signing of Fantuz anyway?)
I can't comment on DB's or Cornerbacks. Not my forte.
With regard to the rest of our D this year. I posted a comment early in the year. I wished the brass could have had the same insight.
by synthcat » 29 Jun, 2012 - 14:18
I've had my doubts about R. Williams at linebacker...was Kevin E. even playing tonight? (sarcasm) I realize the DB's are going to be the obvious focus. But, something doesn't seem right in the mid section either.
The D-line has been an even bigger doubt. I don't blame the Cats' organization with regard to lack of perennial stars on the D-line. Whenever we have a great lineman they sign NFL contracts.
Tonight appeared to expose some current areas of concern/weaknesses.

That was my nice way of saying R. Williams should not have been our middle linebacker.
And for those who reference his 3rd in the league in tackling numbers.... when you're on the field as much as our D this year....you tend to get run into by the ball carrier a little more than most teams.....and after the fact (yards gained).

If Fantuz had the work ethic/skills of a Ben Cahoon, worth the money. But Andy, as much as I respect him, is no Cahoon in his wildest dreams. Close in some respects but so far in others.

Mind you Andy at a lot less salary, is good to go. :thup:

Who do I think will go… not the same as who do I hope will go… :lol:

Obie - retire

Creehan -

R Williams -

Q Porter - $$$

A Cobourne - $$$

K Eiben - age

D Stala - $$$

A Kelly

T Grant

M Hage

M Mallet

1/2 the DB’s - mostly the most expensive ones.

Everyone on the practise roster

Onrea Jones, Bakari Grant, Stala are players. Reminds me of the times we had Ron Ingram or Marquay McDaniel. Great receivers that were under-utilized. Paying all that money for Andy wasn't the answer. We had the receivers we needed already. We needed to improve our D. But we kept Rey Williams as our starting LB. Ugh!!
Frustrating as hell.

Claytor and Rutley aren’t leaving.
The day after the final loss of 2012, the Cats signed those 2 of the 6 on their Practice Roster to regular contracts, making the other 4 free agents:
(Copied from CFL Transactions - Nov. 4/12)
HAM REM SGD IMP Brandon RUTLEY (RB) San Jose State

the lions have Bighill and Elimimian, and may have to choose only one for next season. whoever they get rid of, i hope the tabbies go after....and get.

and, apparently, most of the eskimos defense will be free agents this off season.

Obie will focus on getting a new running back and receivers.

Here are just a few quick thoughts not a complete list but a few thoughts on the way by:

Obie retires ( I hope its a retirement not a firing, he deserves to retire though he may not be given much choice)
Eric Tillman may become the GM though I still think he might like Ottawa
If Obie retires and Tillman does not come then Joe Womack is promoted

However if our new Gm is Tilman then I would like to see Cortez releaved of his Director of Football operations role
and be the Head Coach?OC only. If his ego won't take that then I hope he gets fired though of course that's just what I would like to see.

You cannot continue to be a D- coordinator who coached a defence to dead last in just about every category period.
I said it a couple of months ago - watch for Dennis McPhee to come back this time as the D-coordinator either he
or Paul Lapolice hey don't laugh players love him apparently. And if Cortez doesn't get the cats off to a good start wherever they wind up playing Cortez gets fired and either MCPhee but more likely Lapolice takes over as Head Coach. (I certainly hope that this does not happen.)

Give Chris Thompson and S. Eliminian good money to become or return as Ticats
Plesius sees what his chances might be in the NFL but signs in Hamilton after
at LB - Kevin Eiben is released
Rey Williams is gone
Quinton Porter is gone
Lefevre (sorry if the spelling is wrong) moves to number two
Ryan Hinds? Something was up there all year I suggest a more significant injury then we know.
Peter D will be back for sure Marwan will have a fight on his hands to make the team next year.

And for those of you who think you are going to change the receivers? Not going to happen unless they are involved in a big trade for some defensive help perhaps in combination with the first overall pick. I highly doubt this. Williams was worth the price of admission and if he got traded I would hand in my season tickets unless the return so to speak was huge. Fantuz? Well despite missing a few games closed with what almost 1000 yards and was tied for something like 4th or 5th in receiving touchdowns. Worth the money? That's up for some debate.

And I won't even engage in a discussion about anyone being the starter at QB other then Burris. He is the starter period though I do agree that the back up should be used way, way more than a few plays. If Henry gets hurt this year will seem like wishful thinking.

The big thing for me is that the unquestioned problem area is defence both the coach and the quality of personal in my opinion with regard to overall speed.

My two cents,


I agree with MOST of your list, but are you kidding me about Jamal Johnson??? and Bakari Grant?? Good thing you're not the GM. Is there a reason Burris was not on the list? I would keep Stala over Fantuz.

I agree with MOST of your list, but are you kidding me about Jamal Johnson??? and Bakari Grant?? Good thing you're not the GM. Is there a reason Burris was not on the list? I would keep Stala over Fantuz.
I think it would be beneficial to get something for JJ and Bakari Grant. Just playing armchair GM I would just shop them around. They both have a lot of upside, but I don't think JJ will re-invent himself again next year under a new DC and American WR's are a dime a dozen. JJ I'm sure makes good coin, could free up money. Grant is not an all-star I would like to see someone else getting the reps next year. You can't get rid of the league leading QB unless you want next year to be a total re-build which I'm up for, but I don't think management would see it that way. I would keep Stala over Fantuz as well, cheaper, gutsyier, hometown hero. I think this year is all about freeing up cap space to go in a different direction.

Everyone's opinions have been pretty thought provoking so far. Maybe Bob should hire us as a GM collective. I'd take seasons tickets.

I think there should be very few changes except the coaching methods...I'm sure they have learned the hard way that they do not know everything and just maybe should attend coaching 101 during the off season. There is allot of great raw talent on the defense but are in need of leadership and schooling to polish their skills...and the offense is good with just a tweak here and there.
A continuous revolving door in & out of personal will never let them mesh as a real team and work as one unit...sometimes it takes years to come together. Lets face it...2 or 3 coaching calls and the couple stops without the odd turnover would have put us in the playoffs no problem!

Elimimian is a free agent and will give the NFL one more try. So the Lions have no decision to make: they stick with Bighill.

Agree with you on Stala, but the rest, which you blame on Scott Mitchell, are not easily accomplished.

Otis Floyd simply does not want to be a coach. He makes a good living with his business ventures in the US and would rather do that than coach (I also seem to recall that he said he doesn't want to be a coach, but I could be wrongly attributing that to him).

By "[g]et Orlando [sic]" I assume you mean Orlondo Steinauer. Not easy to get considering he coaches elsewhere (DB coach in Toronto).

And I won't even touch on getting Wally or Trestman; that's pie in the sky thinking.

You want to blame Mitchell for things that are out of his control. I know the guy is hated by a segment of the fan base, but at least blame him for things that are his fault. Can't really lay blame at his feet for not hiring people that are under contract elsewhere (Steinauer, Buono, Trestman) or simply do not want the position you want them to have (Floyd).

Paul LaPolice next job HC for Hamilton :roll:
It's in the wind Chris Williams may move south :roll:
he was the only player that got us where we were at .
We can't lose Stalla, or were done. :oops:

I’m sure this has been said before, but this is Cortez’s team plain & simple. This team will get made-over in his view/eye over the next few seasons. I was reminded of this while watching “A Football Life: Jimmy Johnson” last night on NFL Network. Johnson told players when he first arrived in Dallas this is the way it’s gonna be and what you’ll do & if you think otherwise … Remember … I got the 10 year contract!

Numbers are different & it’s not like Cortez took over an absolute failing franchise. But approach will be similar. One thing you can surely expect is that veterans will not get preference in general. Cortez wants younger guys. Fresh clay to mold into what he wants. He’ll take upside potential over track record everytime. He’ll take speed over reliability everytime. He’ll take guys that can do multiple things in different formations everytime. With that said … On offense;

Stala will not be back. Especially if he’s looking for more $'s. He’s just not Cortez’s type of guy.
Onrea Jones is Cortez’s ideal player. Does everything he’s told. You’ll see him get more field time next year.
Same can be said for Stephenson. He is Cortez’s ideal kind of Canadian.
Avon will be gone if Martel Mallet and/or Grant are remotely healthy & ready for training camp. Walker & Rutley too.
Marian Hage will be coaxed into retirement.
Giguere will have been given a talk to, but he’ll be back for sure. Cortez likes his upside potential. Campeau-Charbonneau backs up Giggy & this will be back.
I have a feeling you’ll see only one of Aaron Kelly/Bakari Grant back.
Fantuz & Burris back. These are Cortez’s veteran presence.
You’ll see all the Canadian OLine guys back along with the guys drafted last year and allowed to go back to school.

What you won’t see is any high price veteran free agents unless they happen to be guys Cortez has a very established understanding & relationship with. There will be no free agents that are brought in on talent & track record alone. They will have had to work for Cortez before.

As far as Defense, less of an idea until the DC issue is handled. But again, I would prepare as fans to see some household names in The Hammer to be cast aside. No one in the linebacker corp is safe. Knowleton & Johnson because of nagging injuries & potential value in getting draft picks. No one is safe on the Defense.

Be prepared … In general … The more popular the player … Outside of Burris, Fantuz & Chris Williams … The more likely they’ll be given their release.




Ray Williams
Peach - too much $$
Marcel Young
Kevin Eiben
Jeff Tisdale - too much $$
Giguere - trade
Armando Murillo
Nick Graham

Cortez - No other choice
Andy Fantuz - One more chance
c. Williams
Jamal Johnson
T. Davis
Dee Webb



Please, no talk of Tillman. He is and has always been the most over-rated self-promoting loser in the CFL. All he would do in Hamilton is harm. Too many teams; too many failures; too many troubles. Avoid him like the plague.