Who is in their option years this year and next?

Just curious. How many will we lose because of this shivers shebockle?

Go Riders!!

I do believe that the Leader-Post reported 7 players enter their option year next year, and 30 the season after.

Yeah, it'll be great having an all new team.

13 this year, not 7... This is pretty bad. I hope that alot of players will stay if Danny does.

we have to bring our current sallary of 4.5 mill to 3.8 for next season
not all will be willing to take a cut in sallary
so lets blame the BOG for getting rid of Shivers when some of these guys wont resigne with the new regime

I don’t think we want a lot of these guys to resign. I mean, come on, you make that much money and aren’t producing at a top level?

I think these people should just be happy to play football for any money at all. . .

I think you will see Fred Childress Retire, Jason "Oops dropped another" French tar & feathered, Charles "#53 Holding" Thomas, Jackie "Pulled my Groin again" Mitchell and possibly Eddie "beat deep" Davis...All gone at the end of the season..I have personal contacts within the Rider Organization that have informed me of this but I cannot disclose there names due to McMahon Syndrom

I think Eddie Davis and Jackie Mitchell will be re-signed. But i dunno, i mean when jackie mitchell is healthy, he is amazing. Eddie Davis prvides a lot of leadership and experience to the rider secondary...

So that means that Jackie will play a solid 3 games next year. If that’s the case we should just pay him $5,000 for the season. That free’s up alot of room in the budget.

Are any of the big names such as dominguez and armstead, schultz, davis, keith set to become free agents, i know joseph is signed long term but how about any other big name guys, anyone know??

armstead is here for a few years, that im almost postitive. Dominguez to is he for next year. davis isnt even playing well. Keith is also here i think.

The number of players entering their option NEXT season isnt really that high. The riders need to cut payroll so even if they signed some guy to a 3 year contract this season they are likely to cut him loose if he isnt will to take a paycut.

Also any and all young star players who have hope of playing in the NFL only sign the minimum 1+1 contract just like Fantuz did.

This whole topic was just a smoke screen. Has Hoppy once name some of those players? NO

Also cant believe how many fans were crying over the supposed country club atmosphere that Shivers and Barrett created. What makes a guy try harder and preform better than being able to increase his market value?

NHL player who are about to become FAs often have their best seasons because they know if they put up the number this season the $$$ will go next.

From riderfans.com, and according to the LP:

Saskatchewan has 13 players whose contracts expire Feb. 15:

Marcus Crandell
Davin Bush
Almondo Curry
Omarr Morgan
Donnie Ruiz
Jackie Mitchell
Kitwana Jones
Jocelyn Frenette
Luc Mullinder
Cory Hathaway
Jamel Richardson
Ibrahim Tounkara

They also included LaDouphyous McCalla, who retired this year

That's a pretty good chunk of the defense. :expressionless: But I think Richardson, Jones and Morgan are must keeps out of the bunch.

I'd even add Hathaway to that list, plus get a deal to trade Curry and Bush for a quality DB.