Who is heading to Grey Cup this week?

When are you going and what are you attending?

Anyone fortunate enough to be VIP enough to get in the super exclusive in their eyes Pre-Game Ticat VIP Only party?

We're heading down Friday for Calgary Pancake Breakfast and then...Spirit of Edmonton Party here we come!

I think Jack Astors Ottawa party Saturday afternoon will be hopping...it was great in Vancouver a couple years ago. Moxies didn't know what hit them at 2 in the afternoon that year and ran out of beer!

Shoeless Joe's will be cool to see all our Ticat faithful to drown our sorrows together!

Not a big fan of the Concerts they have announced though.

Should be good times! Look forward to seeing everyone!

Nope tell me to let it go but after last Sundays blown call the terrible apology and not a peep from the commishner I refuse to support anything he stands for I sold my Tix for the cup and haven’t watched a second of play since I’m only one person but the league can’t afford to lose anyone fan and until he man’s up he’s lost me

We'll be there Thursday afternoon.
Going to see Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall that night.
We will be attending the Saturday concert. I'm a big fan of The Lowest Of The Low.

:thup: Calgary pancake breakfast. :thup: Spirit of Edmonton for sure

Atlantic Schooners for sure
Stamps House at The Bottom Line should be fun
Of course we'll be spending time at The TiCat Takeover at Shoeless Joes

I wish ticket holders would have been provided more info regarding the Roundhouse performers.
Live music, beers, and great food from an assortment of food trucks.

I'm curious about that Ticat VIP party. Is anyone here going? Does anyone even know anyone that won an invite?

I know I sit in the cheap seats, I just want to hear about how the elite live. :lol:

I've heard nothing from the Cats myself (fingers crossed I do).
I've been texting with many season seat holders who renewed hoping to get in, but nothing yet.

haven't heard anything either. have asked other sth's but the same thing. would like to hear something about what's going on

Ticats called me last week and I won a pair of tickets to the grey cup and to their vip pre game party. They didn't tell me much info, just to be expecting a email with more info and the tickets etc.

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