WHO is going to the 2012 GREY CUP?

The 100th Anniversary of the GREY CUP is in TORONTO.
Who at this site is going to put their money where their mouth is and go to the big game?
I don't want this to be a debate about if it should be played in , Toronto.
I think that it should be played in Toronto for several obvious reasons.
The first GREY CUP was played in Toronto and the most GREY CUPs have been play there by far.
Certain fans love to bash Toronto CFL fans [they seem to leave the Hamilton fans alone].
All of the bashing of TORONTO CFL fans does is feed into the MYTH that Southern Ontario doesn't like the CFL.
Which is not true. Try being a CFL and an ARGO fan while living in Toronto all of your life. :cry:
The Toronto media may be jerks but that doesn't mean that all of the CFL fans in the Toronto area are.
Toronto's [and Hamilton's] attendance is down because of many years of bad football teams.
Lower attendance has happened to almost every CFL team at some point.
Since 1989 the only GREY CUP game in Toronto that hasn't sold out was in , 1992.
This was at the height of a major recession , the BILLS were on a Superbowl run and the JAYS were trying to win their first world series. However , with basically 2 Western teams [Calgary and Winnipeg] in the game , they still got over 45,000+.
Why were there not more fans from CALGARY and WINNIPEG?
As I wrote earlier , the ARGOS are not the only team to have lower attendance for a time.
MONTREAL , has folded 2 times. Ottawa , is gone. Both CALGARY and SASK. almost folded at one time. Some SASK. fans seem to have a very short memory.
And so on.
The bombing of the BILLS in Toronto games and the fact that some in the Toronto media are finally getting that a NFL team is NOT coming to Toronto , all helps the CFL.
Some [not all] CFL fans bashing other CFL fans for their attendance doesn't help. :thdn:

I have been to GREY CUPS in , OTTAWA [2004] , CALGARY [2000] , HAMILTON [1996] , ect...
and every GREY CUP in Toronto , since , 1989. Yes , having SASK. fans at 2 of those games made it a lot more fun for every one. However , SASK. fans were not the only fans there.
I have been an ARGO season ticket holder for 23 years [2 season seats]. I have already locked in my 4 GREY CUP tickets for this years GREY CUP [2012].

SO , is any one else going to this once in a lifetime GREY CUP??? :rockin:

I've got my bid in for 4 tickets at $400 apiece.

I don't see much bashing of Argo fans and have never done it myself.

Criticizing low attendance doesn't bash the loyal fans that are there.

The media IS the main problem !

My negativity to holding the 100th in Toronto stems from the negativity of the Toronto media towards the CFL.

I'll be there with the wife, put down the deposit for a couple of ducats when it was announced a while back.

Toronto is the right choice for the 100th with the first being there. It's just the right thing to do.

Great stuff. :thup:

The Toronto media gives all of the people from Toronto a bad name and not just with football.
The same thing with ROGERS [they look like total fools , now].
Living with it as a proud Canadian and living in Toronto is not easy.
At least now some in the Toronto media are finally realizing that they have been suckered by the NFL and by the BILLS owner.

Excellent and thank you :thup:

I will likely go for the game, if I don't it is because the game is being held on Sunday evening as opposed to playing the game on Saturday or even earlier on Sunday and I have to take a vacation day from work(That is and has been another arguement). That rant done, I will be there to celebrate the 100th Grey Cup, good lord willing and the creeks don't rise. This will be an anniversary of sorts for me as it will be the 20th Grey Cup Game I have attended.

I do however disagree with some of your points and/or excuses for Toronto's lack of support. I don't bash Toronto fans, I applaud both of you, it is the 8 or 9 million people in the Toronto area that don't support their team that I bash. Argo's attendance is always down win or lose. In fact outside of the Leafs, Toronto support for their sports teams is miserable. Cut the excuses, 1992, the Bills being on a Superbowl run had nothing to do with the Grey Cup. Superbowl is in February, Grey Cup is in November, and the World series is in October, where is the conflict. Why were there not more fans from Calgary & Winnipeg? I was there and there were plenty of fans from across Canada, notable exeption, you guessed it Toronto. Face the fact, Toronto is not a good sports town. Your record speaks for itself.

So good on you for supporting your team, it is unfortunate that you are in the extreme minority in the center of the Universe.

I'll be there with a buddy of mine who is an Argo fan, but has never been to Canada.

For many years now,once the schedule came out, I've booked off the day after the GC. I know everyone can't,but I would be calling in sick regardless.

I have never missed a Grey cup because of the Sunday scheduling. I just personally think that they would be better off going back to the Saturday games or playing the games in the early afternoons, permitting fans the ability to take the evening flight home. Prior to 1989 the games were always late morning, early evening. I don't think an earlier kick-off would effect the TV audience and feel that the only reason for going to a later kickoff time was to ensure one more night of the host city making some coin from those travelling to the game. Going to the Grey Cup game is expensive enough, I hate that they need to try to squeeze an extra night hotel and the accompanied meals, entertainment.

Rant over, for now.

Havent been to Toronto since 79. It would be great to be able to go back and revisit old neighboorhoods, see improvements and changes, ride the new street cars and subway cars, etc, while taking in the game and the weeks festivities. But, alas, for me its just wishful thinking on so many fronts. sigh

Me and my buddies from the Hammer will be going down the road to represent at the festivities. We probably won't be buying tickets though, unless they are still available near the end of the season, but we'll see.

Hamilton is always well represented at the Grey Cup parties, no matter where in Canada. Glad we only have to listen to oskee wee wee once a year though. :cowboy: :lol:

Like you said, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to the 100th Grey Cup, so me and six friends are flying from Vancouver to see the big show. We just booked a house to rent and are gonna be staying for a week. I'm really looking forward to it because I think Toronto will put on a great show.

I gotta point out your tweaking of stats though. Since 1989, Toronto has only hosted the Grey Cup three times, and while they didn't sell out in 1992, they sold out in '89 and '07 - both years featuring Saskatchewan. With that being said, I have the utmost confidence that the game will sell out long before the opponents are decided.

You are right. However , in 1989 it was HAMILTON Vs. SASK.
I saw many TI-CAT and ARGO fans at that game , as well. What an AMAZING game that was. :rockin:

Before the R.C. was built in 1989 many of the GREY CUPS in Toronto sold out at the old EX.

We put our deposits down for 6 gold tickets. Im pretty excited.

Probably won't happen, but imagine if the west was week and one of Toronto or Hamilton crossed over and both made it the Grey Cup. That would be awesome I think.

Got my deposit for 2 $400 tickets!!! We should try to organize a get together of the guys and gals in this forum that are going to the game, be nice to meet some of you guys.

Sounds like a great idea to me. :thup:

It is possible and wouldn't that be something. The rest of the CFL teams may not like that...lol...

The Argos

I put my deposit down as soon as I was able to do so. Looking forward to it. The Toronto organizers are going to put on a terrific show and it will be an event worth remembering. Despite the criticism, CFL football in Toronto is not dead; dormant maybe, but not dead. This in it's self is not a curer, but it could be a good kick start.