Who Is Going To Sit For Game 1

Four players from our 46-man roster have to sit out for game 1. Three imports and one non-import. Who will they be? I'm guessing LB Jordan Matechuk (non-import) and DB Cody Williams for sure. After that it gets tough. You have to guess one receiver will sit and it should be between Marquay McDaniel, Drisan James or Airese Currie. The last import to sit will be the toughest. Probably between DL Garrett McIntyre, RB Tre Smith or CB Bo Smith. What's your guess?

I’d guess Smith…

I expect that I will for most of the game... sure hope that there WILL be reason to be on my feet cheering but time will tell. :slight_smile:

i think drisan james shouldn't sit, he was hauling in quite a few passes in the pre-season game i saw against the argos. thats just my opinion, i couldnt say however who should sit

Lol. Which one? Anyway, they will both dress. Unless things change Bo Smith will be starting at corner, and with Cobb on the Practice Roster and Keith on IR, Tre Smith is certain to dress as a backup running back.

LOL......sorry I didn't notice that..................Bo Smith I meant.................but I could be wrong............sure wouldn't be the first time, and doubtless won't be the last !!

Receiver Marquay Mc Daniel and DL Garrett McIntyre

Bo Smith would be my pick to start at one of the Corner spots, across from Jykine Bradley.. I don't see him sitting..

As beat reporter Drew Edwards mentioned GBonds88
it appears Bradley will back up a couple DB spots

Lawrence Gordon [and Bo Smith]
got more starter reps at CB.

He also mentions this in the same report...

Marcel cautioned me today not to read too much into what I saw: there's no way of knowing if these units will be the ones that start against Toronto. It's simply what I saw, more grist for the mill.
In the end, the fact of the matter is, Bo Smith will definitely not be sitting come game time... As for Bradley, I hope he is starting, but if not, he will definitely see some playing time throughout the game.

Bradley is our best corner -- I certainly hope he's starting.