Who is going to Rogers Centre Friday?

I'm looking forward to it. What about the other pre-season games this weekend?

not me

I am.

Got my tickets the day Ricky signed.

Not only do I want to see him play, I want to see the beginnings of Maas, Ranek, Holmes and the O-line gel.

I'm curious to watch the receivers run their routes with special attenion on the "new" Yeast, Vaughn and Cavil.

What I'm anticipating most is getting a hint of Paopao's offensive scheme knowing full well he'll not want to give away to much since the Argos are on the plate so often, so early.

I'm also curious to see the crowd too.

make sure u guys give us the details and crowd number...thanks.

I am with my wife.

The ARGOS sold out of their first 100 # 27 jerseys.

1 signed RICKY ARGO shirt on E-BAY has the lastest bid at $550.00 U.S.

The ARGOS are selling tickets 10 to 15% more than normal!

I'm Planning On Going, I Should Probibly Get My Tickets Today. With The Strength In The Teams In The East It's Going To Be A Really Interesting Season. And While I Don't Think We'll Be Seeing Too Much Of The Big Name Starters I Look Forward To Seeing How The Defences Are Put Together Now That Toronto And Hamilton Look Like The Biggest Offensive Powers In The League.

I'll be listening on the internet


Go Gumby!