Who is going to Montreal ?

Who is going to the game in Montreal next Thursday and where are you sitting ?? Im sitting in the end zone .

Not going this game, but sat in the end zone last year. Fabulous time. Enjoy yourself.

Moi. I have an extra ticket in the 16th row on the 55-yard line. Asking face value, PM me if interested.


Flying out Wensday also in the endzone, cant wait going to be a blast hecking those Montreal players and fans!!
Question for those who no...I heard the airport is a ways away, does anyone know of a cheeper way besides Cab to get to the Mariot or close to it! Thanks

There's an express bus that goes to the main bus depot that costs $7 each way:

[url=http://www.admtl.com/passager/acces_et_stationnement/STMbuses.aspx]http://www.admtl.com/passager/acces_et_ ... buses.aspx[/url]


Thanks i wish i read english! Where abouts is the main bus stop it takes you to, the same one where the trains come into?

My bad i didnt see the english side, but now i do
Thanks again!

Anyone going for beers before the game and if so where ??

I could make a joke about saving room for the crying beers after the game, but I think that the Cats will come out hard and really give the Als a tough game.

I truly hope that each and every Ticat fan who has taken the time and spent the $ to come out and support their team, the Als and the CFL has a great time in our new stadium. This is what our league is about....road trips, great football and exciting rivalries.

See you there!

i think I would even buy you a beer Als lol , i know it will be a fun time !!!

Montreal is the best city in North America… by far!!

to all of you who are going…have great time!!
go cats go!

I will be going section E2 go cats go

Section M2! Man im gettin more pump by the day! Cant wait, fly out Wensday Morning coming back Friday Night!
Go Cats Go
Your 13Man will be making some noise when Montreal has the ball, THATS a GARENTEE!!

As red24 says, that airport shuttle is by far your best bet. Get off at the Mansfield stop, walk to University St., then take the free Montreal transit shuttle up to Molson Stadium.

Ya but where are you going for beers BEFORE the game ??

Thanks for the help guys, lucky for my pocket book i dont drink, already spent about $400 so far on ticket, hotel and Plane!
Its going to be a Great game.
This will be my 1st game in Montreal and to be there on there Home Opener and watch OUR Cats send there fans home saying "what the Heck just happened" Cats win!

were in section M2 ive never been to a game there but always wanted to i hope we walk out with a win that would make the trip excellent

Cool same section as us, im sure we will run into each other! Oskee Wee Wee!!!

I've been twice. It's lots of fun. If you think the seats at IWS are bad, that's nothing compared to what they were there. I've heard there's been a reno though so maybe it's better. You'll have a great time.

im sure we will bruce it dont sound like theres to many of us going so we will be loud for those who aint :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: