I am proud to say I will be attending the upcoming Labour Day classic in the Hammer.
Although delapidated and in need of a new stadium, still there is no place better to watch a game with not really a bad seat in the joint between the goal line.

I'll be going to Regina to watch my Bombers. Go Blue!

i have had season tickets for 8 years now and havent missed a ti-cat game

blue and gold in regina baby. first row upper decks. people underneath might want to watch out for the falling drool from my mouth i will be in such a state of shock. i am going because i always wanted to and me and my friend who have seaosn ticks decided its a great way to end the summer before goig back to university.

I'll go on Labour Day weekend myself. Looks like some people are in a different time zone. :)

I'm still stuck in this weekend watching the Als beating the 'Cats (but not by much at this moment).

...why?!...that kind of goes without saying doesn't it?...

....Mrs. RedandWhite and I are at McMahon for the LCD....packed house, tailgating with Razor et al before the game, the CF-18 duo flyby (always wicked!!!!!!), a heated rivalry against those green and gold guys from the evil empire up north, everyone singing 'Oh Canada', streaker?, sun and fireworks....need I say more?...

I used to go to the LDC in Regina but I just can't recover fast enough now, everyone have a safe weekend.

The early line as far as I am concerned is the Cats may win despite the pathetic showing yesterday.
But if Bishop is playing my Argos will win for sure. It won't be close.

Well, I'll be at the Rider game, mainly because I am a member of the Pep Band.

And Labour Day is our only mandatory game of the year.

Um, well, if you call the Montreal BC game a Labour Day Classic....on Friday! (We'll be there.)

i go to work today and ...someone gives me free tickets to the labourday game in the hammer....woot woot.

too bad the ticats will get crushed by the argos, in what will be an uninteresting game, im sure.

DG, as far as I am concerned the Cats have a chance and might even win if Bishop does not play.
If he starts, then we smoke them.

chang's getting the start...

a rookie getting his fist start against torontos killer D....not to promising.

The other thing we have to remember also is the Jessee Lumsden factor.
The Cats have a running game, we don't.

Rider win, because they are amazing.
TiCats win, because I think its about time that they win... lol

jman I think you may be right.

I usually try to make it down to "I Never Win" every other year for the LDC, and this year is one of those years. But this time I'll be making the trip down the QEW with a buddy of mine who's never been to an away game before, so I guess you can say that I'm "taking his road game cherry." :lol:

I haven't missed a CFL game at Ivor Wynne since 1994, and I don't think I've missed a Labour Day game since 1989 (because I had to work.)

Labour Day games are by far the most intense. I know it's not the case for the players, and I don't know about other cities, but for the fans in Hamilton, this game is bigger than a playoff game.

…just drove by McMahon about 45 mintues ago and the TGers are already setting up…heading there with the missus in about three hours…

…two CF18s buzzed our neighbourhood yesterday, about 400-500 feet off the ground, must have been practicing for the fly by…

Ya...you better get out the depends man. Those CF-18's really catch a guy off guard sometimes.