Who is going to be the gamebreaker this week?

Dear Rider Nation,

Who is going to be the gamebreaker, the enforcer, the gladiator?

Who do you think will go above and beyond this week?

Who is going to bring it?

It's going to be Wes Cates!

I voted for KJ. The man is a huge threat on the ground.

I voted KJ, but if it isnt him, its going to be Fred Perry.

how about all of the above?

I think the Defence is gonna step it up a bit. Burris is gonna have nightmares about Perry

Fred Perry would have to be the man. Riders can't win unless they put Burris on his ass. If the pass rush is anything like it was the past few weeks(non existant) then the Riders will lose. The only way Calgary looses is if Hank gets happy feet.

Joesph is the Key for us to get to the Cup…I am sorry I dont have much more confidence in our defense, simply put… will have to out score Calgary

I don't think Wes cates will be even playing, I believe our defence will have to win this game for us

I voted Kerry. If he ain't on, we ain't on. Simple as that. Last week is proof of that.

For the Riders to win you have to pretty much pick Joeseph to have a good game and on Defence for sure Fred perry but I'm going to pick John Chick to have a big game on defence, and fantuz and Holmes to shine on offence

I voted for KJ, but really , for the Riders to win tomorrow all of these guys are going to have to step up and be leaders on both sides of the ball. Even the special teams have to step up and have a good game, because Marcus Howell can break one at any time, and he proved that against us, even though we did win that particular game. Its going to take a total team effort tomorrow.

Well as indicated by the Poll results KJ was definatly the difference...the defense still worries me... how can Rambo be so wide open on consecutive plays? While Hall called a better defensive strategy (full blitz on 3rd and 5)the DB's have still have a lot of improving to do.

I thought prior to those two plays that the defense played a heck of a game. Even on the 1st TD pass by Burris earlier in the game, the coverage was very good and it was just a perfectly thrown ball.

It was discouraging to see them have issues at the end but by and large they played very well.

Agree the first touchdown was a perfect pass...
The frustrating part was we should have put this game away in the first half, we had a lot of undisciplined penalties and seemed to give Calgary every opportunity to win this game... bobbled catches for interseption TD... Blocked punt... BUT the exciting part was the OLD Riders would have lost this game with that many mistakes... the NEW Riders prevailed under adversity like several of there wins this season

I'm just glad they finally called the 3rd facemask on Calgary! The first two were pretty blatant right in front of the ref, and one of them would have given us 1st and goal from the 1...

You are so right though, the old Riders would have lost this game in the dying moments, this team has no quit.

Anyone who said defence got this one bang on.


Definately! And we should give props to those you picked KJ as well. A 500 yard is pretty solid!

Eddie Davis did a great job against Copeland.