Who is finnishing where this year and why! Opinions bring em

I posted this in a post a bit ago but I think it would be neat to see what all you guys think about it in its own thread. I made one change tho as my opinions have changed just a little bit with some of the changes that have happened in Edmonton.

my opinion, the Riders have done a great job of upgrading their roster. I will give you my opinion as to standings then I will justify them.

T1. Edmonton
T1. BC
T1. Calgary
T1. Sask


  1. Toronto
  2. Hamilton
  3. Montreal
  4. Winnipeg


West Breakdown:
T 1. Edmonton
Even tho in my opinion they lost the better of their 2 quarter back in Jason Mass, Ricky Ray is still one of the top 5 Qbs in the CFL. There is alot of talent and depth on this team. One of their downfalls could be Danny Macoica (I honestly have no idea how to spell this guys name properly), his players make him look good, and he does little for the team. One major major question now is the O line, it will be interesting if they are even capable of handling a blitz in the first par of the season. No line is the same after losing that many guys. Will Ray and Troy Davis be albe to produce the numbers they are going to need behind a more or less completely revamped line???

T1. BC
I don't feel that they will be as strong as they started out the season last year, the loss of Printers was big for them as he was the better player, but Dickensen is the leader take from that what you want. BC will still have an impressive offense and a strong defense. But the loss of their anchor Simpson in the MLB spot could be a glairing hole. They will pose problems for teams they play.

T3. Calgary
Do not forget how well Calgary played in the latter portion of last season. When you look at their receivers they all have potential to be 1000 yrd men. Tom Higgins is a quality coach who knows what he is doing. Burris has a great arm and he has some young quality receivers to pass to. Not to mention Reynolds at running back, this is going to be a quality offense. As to their defense they are one of the top 3 in the league (the 3 being Calgary, Sask, Toronto how that order plays out has yet to be seen). The reason I have them ahead in the tie with sask is due to the fact that I think their defense matches up much too well again what Sask does offensivly, they have strong fast linebackers and a solid line wich is capable of killing the running attack.

T3. Sask
The addition of Joseph and Armstrong saves the Riders from flat out being last in the West. Don't kid yourself by thinking I am going to nay say about the Riders here, the 06 Riders are going to be a better team than last year that is for certain, in saying that I think with the dispersal of the Renegades the CFL hasn't seen this much tallent in a long time and I don't think that the Riders will be able to over come that this year. This is the only reason I have them low, but they deffinitly have ptential to finish ranked 1st to 4th with the ammount of talent in the league at the moment. They will be alot of fun to watch this year, offensively they have the potential now to be one the elite offenses in the CFL this year. Defensivly they may be taking a slight step back, all in all I think that they will end up in 3rd tied and losing the tie to Calgary as I said before Calgarys D I think is way too capable of handling the type of Offensive attack the Riders will bring. One question now is will Almondo Curry be able to step up an fill McCallas shoes now that he is retiring?

West Round Up:
To be 100% honest this is probably the strongest this Division has ever been with Sask adding Joseph and Armstrong. Each and every team in this division has the potential to finnish from 1st to 4th. I originally thought that Edmonton would walk away with the division but now that their O-Line has more or less disintegrated out from beneath them they could be in some serious troubles from the strong defensive teams (Sask and Calgary), this division is way way way too tight to call at this moment in time and they all have serious potential to finnish 1st, and that is why I tied them all in 1st. Its a shame that there isn't going to be a cross over this year as all 4 of these teams look like they should be playoff contenders.

East Breakdown:

  1. Toronto
    If Damon Allen still has the tallent he has shown in the last few years look out. This offense is powerfull with lots of wepons the addition of Keith Stokes is what puts them in 1st over hamilton. If by the long shot chance they do land Ricky Williams this team will win the GC (wich I think is now more than likely going to happen if not happened already). Don't over look their Defence top 3, possibly the best in the league. Pin ball will always keep this team in contention there is alot to be said about his character and what he has done in TO.

  2. Hamilton
    They will live and die on the shoulders of Mass, he will be the emotional leader of this team, there hasn't been a quarterback in the CFL as gutsy as this guy for a long time. They will finish 2nd on heart alone, wich is something that Mass will enforce into this team. They wont have the flashiest (is that a word) roster in the league but they will work harder for that inch than most of the other teams and there is alot to be said for that.

  3. Montreal
    Step back year for montreal, there is still alot of talen on this team but Matthews is at the end of his rope and unless the assistant coaches and AC and keep the gears greased and running they wont play all that well. Look for some major questions in the secondary this year. Montreal still have some of the most dagerous receivers in the league and AC is one of the best QBs in the league.

  4. Winnipeg
    Winnipeg will be the only push over in the CFL this year, I don't think that Kevin Glenn is a starting caliber QB altho he did show signs of something desirable last year at times. Winnipegs defence is not horrible but by no means will it be one of the stronger ones. Charles Robers can work miracles and he will always have to be watched, and Stegall will do great in the slot but his playing days are winding down if he can stay healthy as well as Roberts they may have an outside shot at 3rd.

East Round up:
Toronto is the power in the East, if you were to take the other 3 teams into the west I would rank all of them at the basement enough said. Look for Toronto or Hamilton in the GC but more than likely Toronto, Hamilton will need a year or so to be the #1

Nice work ... boonedoc

I have Calgary 1st based on the brilliance of Buratto and Creehan

I think 1st will win 11 games and last at 8 wins .... so it is hard year to pick.

Injuries and turnovers??? ... and I cannot predict them .... even for Dickenson LOL!

ps...the 'crossover' is still with us

My bad thought that was taken out when Winnipeg moved over to the east and there were 4 teams in each division. Thanks for the compliment, I think I was able to justly rate every team even tho I am a riders fan cough cough!!!!

I say :

1- Calgary
2- Saskatchewan
3- Edmonton
4- BC

1- Montreal
2- Toronto
3- Hamilton
4- Winnipeg



  1. CALGARY - It took them about half of last season to gel, but when they gelled, it wasn't pretty for the opposing team. Now the same squad returns, with a lot of talented young guys trying to add in. If it wasn't for a last minute breakdown in the West Semi-final, there's no way the Esks would have reprensented the division. The Stamps are hungrier and will get their vengeance.

  2. Everybody writes off the Roughriders from the start, probably just because the Roughriders seems eternally bound to fail. But last year, they weren't too bad for a team who played five games without 9 of its starters and the whole year with two backup QBs. Now that Kerry Joseph gets to play with a real o-line, he will show what he can do. And if he have a few problems coordinating with the old Riders' receivers, he will always have Armstead to throw to, and the connection between them is already high.

  3. With almost all of his offensive line gone to retirement, and no proven QB to bail him out, Ricky Ray will have a tough year carrying the Esks to promise land. Especially since all team always take their game up a notch when facing the defending champs. The team still fields enough talented players to extend its playoff run, but I don't expect to see them leave the pack.

  4. Dave Dickenson is always a hit away from missing a few games. And the Lions haven't done enough to ensure him protection. Without another starter in the bullpen, the Lions will have to be really cautious if they don't want to play a whole seson like their second half of 2005.


  1. Montreal don't like to lose its grip on the division's first place. The Als usually collapse in the playoffs, but remain strong the whole season. In 2005, the offence produced like crazy. But the defence was brutal, as most of its secondary was pillaged in the off-season. With the addition of Davis Sanchez, Jerome Haywood, Kai Ellis, Greg Moss and others, the birds should stay away from allowing 400+ yards a game, which killed them in so many games last year.

  2. Damon Allen wanted his MOP Award really bad. Hey, after 21 seasons, it was about time. Now that he got it, all he has to get him going is beat Warren Moon's total yardage, which will happen even if he has only an average season. The Argos have no other proven QB (don't tell me Spergon Wynn has proven anything yet, please), and there's still the Ricky Williams factor. Will he be a hero? A disturbance? Will he even come ? The Argos should have a good season nonetheless.

  3. So many new guys in one place at one time means they must start by adjusting to one another. Yes, the Cats have signed a lot of talent, but Rome has not been built in one day. I expect them to get a shaky start, and improve as the season goes. They could be a top threat come the playoffs, but might miss enough Ws to climb up the yearly standings.

  4. As much as the Bombers fans want to believe their team is the rebirth of the 1972 Dolphins, too many things seem wrong to rank this squad anywhere else. The Bombers have a rookie coaching staff. They head into the season with one QB who won 5 games last year and the others who haven't played. They "boosted" their average o-line with guys from the team which had the worst o-line of all. They lost a few months in the off-season going after a guy who did not come, giving the other GMs time to sign the talented FAs available. They... uh... drafted?... a linebacker who engaged in legal procedures to avoid having to go to Winnipeg. They pissed their star player by signing another back who was suspended in the USA for his drug addiction and is over 30 pounds too fat. Hell, they even lost their new punter in the mist! So long Ottawa, there's a new circus in town !


  1. Cal
  2. Ssk

  1. Edm
  2. BC


  1. Mon
  2. TO
  3. Ham
  4. Wpg (CO)

Playoffs (EE frist miss in 30 years, YEAH!!!)

Division-Quad Final
Wpg over Ssk
Division-Semi Final
Wpg over Calgary

Division-Quad Final
TO over Ham
Division-Semi Final
Mon over To

Grey Cup
Wpg over Mon

Ok I made these predictions previously, so this is a cut and paste job.


  1. Calgary (the favourites to win the grey cup this year, finsihed last year's regular season going 7-1. Have an amazing linebacking group, qb was the western all-star last year, and have a great receiving group. Calgary will be tough to beat especially late in the season when Burris seams to play his best.

  2. Saskatchewan (third last year in defensive points against and second in defensive yards against, their secondary is great, second in passing last year, will continue to be among the best. If Nate Davis and Scott Shultz stay healthy Saskatchewan will be hard to run against. They need to put more pressure on the qb in the fourth quarter and in 2nd and long situations to keep the offence from digging themselves out of a hole. Shored up their offence with a capable qb in Kerry Joseph and an all-star wide receiver in Armstead. Got Dominguez back from last year, look for him, if healthy to easily break the 1000 yard barrier. Also got a new offensive coordinator which will bring more creativity to a mundane offence).

  3. Edmonton (the defending grey cup champs could very well finish higher than this but they need Ricky Ray to return to his 2003 form. He will be helped by a great receiving core. Jason Tucker is easily one of the best in the game right now. Losing Jeanty will hurt but Anthony Collier will be a great addition to their club. Edmonton was also the best team against the run and will be be hard to run against this year. Look for Edmonton to keep their playoff streak intact).

  4. BC (yes they may seem lower than most people put them but Dickenson battles injury problems every year and without him the Lions will be hurting. BC also has a very weak o-line that won't be much help in keeping Dickenson healthy. BC does have a great receiving core though and if Dickenson stays healthy look for them to rack up the yards. BC lost a great linebacker in Simpson but gained one of the best db's in the game in Korey Banks. Also improved their field goal game slightly with the pick-up of Paul McCallum. BC will need to improve on their 1-5 finish from last season and get back to their 2005 early season form to move up).


  1. Montreal (Anthony Calvillo is one of the top qb's in the game with a great receiving core. Cahoon, Watkins, and Stala are all greast receivers. Having Edwards back in the line-up will help keep the offensive scheme in balance. They were the #1 offence last year and will be among the leaders again this year. With karikari back their secondary looks good but will have to improve on last year where they were 8th in the league in passing yards against. They were also 7th in rushing yards against so their d-line is going to have to step it up. Getting Kai Ellis will help.)

  2. Toronto (The defending most oustanding player just seems to get better with age. If running back Johnson can keep running how he was at the end of the season it will finally ensure Toronto of a balanced offensive attack in a long time. He had an 8.1 avg/carry albeit in only 21 carries. Toronto's defence was the best in the league last year and will look to be great again this year. They have the number 2 linebacking core in the game with Eiben, Fletcher, and O'Shea. Toronto's secondary allowed the least passing yards last year. Update - If Ricky Williams does come aboard and he can regain his professional rushing dominance of years past, Toronto could easily jump ahead of Montreal for #1.)

  3. Hamilton (improved a lot from last year with the pick-ups of Maas, Holmes, and Ranek. Hamilton will have a great offensive game with many different threats, including the above mentioned and Flick and Yeast should improve the league's worst offence last year. Barrenchea will need to continue his play from last year to bolster an average defence. Hamilton's secondary was also average and need Goss to keep making the big interceptions to get the offence more itme with the ball).

  4. Winnipeg (Will be more competitive than last year with some good off-season action. Look for Kevin Glenn to continue to get better, having more time to throw the ball after the dispersal draft pick-ups of non-import offensive lineman, Khan and St. Germain. Roberts, the best running back in the league will continue to dominate and will have more room to run this year. Milt Stegall will also continue to be the legend he is and will get over 1000 yards receivng this year. Look for Brad Banks to push Glenn for the starting role if Glenn fails. Barrin Simpson was a big pick-up at linebacker this year and could easily be an all-star. But the biggest help the defence got was from the offensive non-import pick-ups which allow the Bombers to play more imports in their secondary. Their secondary will improve but have a long way to go allowing over 6000 yards passing last year, by far the worst in the league. There defensive line will also have to step up having the second worst rushing yards against last year. Look for the rookie of the year Gavin Walls to continue his strong play from last year. Having a new coach and defensive coordinator will help immensely. Winnipeg will be in the play-off hunt this year but need to step up their defensive play to make it. A great defense could mean a home playoff game for this team).

ha ha man winnipegs gonna suprise alot of ppl this year.

I wouldn't be surprised if Winnipeg finished higher than fourth, but they have some tough opponents in Toronto, Montreal, and Hamilton. None of those teams will be pushovers and each win will have to be earned.

no place to go but up for them, I dont mind I like being the underdog.

IMO might start to surprise people at the end of the year, will take them a while to jel, and even then I don't see great great things for them this year. Sry Bomber fans you guys are still building.

Like I said before....

East-1st RD. Montreal, bye, Hamilton at Toronto, Valiant effort but Ti-Cats fall

West-1st RD. Calgary, bye, Saskatchewan at Edmonton, Riders pull upset

East Finals- Interesting as usual, Als, prevail in shootout!

West Finals- Calgary prevails, but is battered in tough physical game

Gry Cup- Stamps hang tough, but Als pull away in the end!

Riders, No BC, No Edmonton, Calgary ah just do not know!

[calgary is going to win the grey cup hands down, they already had a good receiving corps now they they are explosive b/c they sign the best receiver in football period cfl, nfl scotty anderson #86 if you don't beleive me go to a training camp practice in the moring or evening or watch the 1st preseason game.

.....I haven't made it to a camp yet (someone in this city has to work you know) but I've heard on the radio that Anderson is turning some heads....with him and Thurmon on the outside we have legit threats for the long bomb now.....Copeland and Lewis in the slots and Rambo cutting a cross pattern with Reynolds dropping into the flats, holy cow, can a QB ask for anything better?....

I have been there morning and afternoon since they started yes Anderson his going to make it tough for Thurmon. Another receiver that caught my eye is Beau Gibbs he his huge and he is a slot back and catches everything and then it will be difficult to bring that monster down. But again we have to be careful injuries can happen and everything goes down the drain. That is why it is hard to predict. I believe they are ahead of where they left off, passing is crisp and they are all on the same page. I have been impressed with the old QB he has been looking like a young guy out there!

....another thing I've heard is the coaches are really coming down hard on guys for errant fumbles, they really want to eliminate those brain mistakes that costs us some games last year....good....

This year's Bombers team is the rebirth of the Dolphins only in reverse...... :stuck_out_tongue:

Ivce said this before but Ill say it again


  1. Calgary
  2. Edmonton
  3. BC
  4. Saskatchewan


  1. Montreal
  2. Toronto
  3. Hamilton
  4. Winnipeg


Calgary- was really gelling last year towards the end of the year and this year they got that same team together again and they already gelled and should get off to a much faster start than last time which would be enough to give them first in the west

Edmonton- no offensive line, ray will be under a lot of pressure, running game will probably suffer. This is all stuff that was said about hte esks last season and they were still able to win the grey cup. Ray might very well be made of steel because for all the beatings he took he didnt mis a game no reason to expect them not to do well this season.

BC- yes dickenson is one hit away from missing a huge chunk of games but hes been like that for years. All the assumptions are that he will go down early but its entirely possible that he doesnt take a serious injury until late in the year like he did last year. They wont win as many as they did last year but they should be able to make the playoffs before dickenson goes down

Saskatchewan- Kerry Joseph is just as frail as dickenson and while behind a much better oline he does not have the talent and receivers that dickenson has but they should be close to bc towards the end of the year


Montreal- The offense speaks for itself year after year and now have that backup that people have been nagging about. Word out of training camp is that the defensive line has gotten much better so that will take pressure off the secondary

Toronto- Still a very strong team. Losing Adrion Smith will hurt a bit and its likely that teams will try to pick on whoever they get to replace him. Im hoping htey give Johnson a chance because he looked very good when they did and I think hes canadian so thatll be a great ratio move as well. Should make for a very interesting race for first in the east

Hamilton- A very good team on paper but they are all jsut getting together now and it will take them time to gell so they would likely be too far back of montreal and toronto to catch up by the time they are ready to compete

Winnipeg- For all the changes they made I do not see glenn as a star QB and I dont see enough receiving depth to make a serious dent in the east


1.Calgary - 13-5
2.Edmonton - 12-6
T3.B.C. - 11-7
T3.Sask - 11-7


T1.Toronto - 12-6
T1.Montreal - 12-6
2.Hamilton - 10-8
3.Winnipeg - 9-9

It never fails. Every year, someone (if not ten or twenty people) come out and predict something mathematically impossible.

Stampederville, it'd be great if the eight teams finished with a total of 90 victories and only 54 losses. I'd like to see those 18 games where the two teams win. My (wild) guess is it will end in the surrounding of 72 victories and 72 losses (barring some tie games, which would have to come in pair, of course). :stuck_out_tongue: