Who is Chief going to hate now?

From the Leader-Post

REGINA — The contracts of special teams co-ordinator Jim Daley and defensive backs coach Nelson Martin will not be renewed by the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Martin said Friday from his Toronto home that he was released after a short phone call with Greg Marshall, who was recently named the Riders' head coach.

Daley spent one season with the Riders as special teams co-ordinator. The Riders' special teams struggled in many facets in 2010 and those struggles may have led to Daley's contract not being renewed. Martin had been with the Riders for two seasons.

The Riders are still waiting to determine the contract status of defensive co-ordinator Gary Etcheverry and defensive line coach Mike Scheper. It appears that Etcheverry is on his way out with the Riders reportedly poised to hire Richie Hall as defensive co-ordinator. Etcheverry's name has been mentioned as a candidate for the vacant defensive co-ordinator's position with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

That return of Hall to the Roughriders is expected to be confirmed next week. Hall is believed to be on a cruise and is not available for comment.

The Riders have already received permission to talk to Richard Harris, Winnipeg's defensive line coach. Marshall and Harris are good friends and worked together on the staffs of the Blue Bombers and Ottawa Renegades.

It's believed that offensive co-ordinator Doug Berry, receivers coach and passing game co-ordinator Bobby Dyce and linebackers coach Alex Smith will return for the 2011 season. The status of offensive line coach Tom Freeman isn't known. Freeman spent the 2010 season with the Riders. The Riders' coaching contracts expire on Jan. 31.

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Who is Chief going to hate now ??? Who is 82.5% of Sask fans going to hate now ???? :slight_smile:

he has always got the colts :slight_smile:

I hate Irsay, Polian, and the defence. :wink:

I think it's hilarious that Daley was given the boot. One year in Edmonton. One year in Saskatchewan. Can the entire league now agree that this guy is done? :lol:

...he still has to have a turn in BC

:lol: :lol:

I'd rather he heads to Calgary myself.

Uh, we're good, thanks.

...he has already coached here, assistant of some kind way back (actually, I think he was on one of our GC winning teams, can't rememebr when)....so BC it is then, fair is fair...

There is an opening in Montreal.

Montreal could do with a little adversity. :smiley: