Who is better ? Glenn or Lefors

Just another little poll :lol:

Well if you went strictly by the numbers so far this season, the answer would have to be Glenn:

Glenn, 23 of 38 for a 60.5% completion rate, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, and a QB rating of 85.9

LeFors, 41 of 88 for a 46.6% completion rate, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, and a QB rating of 60.8

But numbers don't tell the whole story.

Glenn hasn't had (yet, this season) the pressure of being the starter. They are working in vastly different offences which may maximize or minimize their skill sets, they are operating behind different offensive lines and with different receiving corps. They have different levels of experience in the CFL. They are working under different coaches with different football philosophies.

So it's really hard to say.

Wasn't the reason everyone wanted Glenn out because of his inconsistency??? Two games or so red hot, another two games just awful, one game mediocre, another game awful...etc. He's played two games, even in Winnipeg he had streaks where he put two or three good games together and then.........POOF back to nothing. Just wait...you'll see what we mean

I can't argue any of that blue. Even in the big picture he's got a history of inconsistency; an MVP season in 2007, then a relatively poor year in 2008. On that basis I wasn't totally against Kelly going in a different direction at the QB position for 2009 (although I was critical of the way in which he handled it).

On average, I guess you would have to conclude that Glenn is a mediocre to average QB.

LeFors, on the other hand, has not shown much so far in his short CFL career. Can he still develop into an elite QB in this league? I'm not so sure. . . Obviously Kelly was pretty sure. . . but the results so far don't give one a lot of confidence. But that can change.

Is this poll a joke? LeFors can't get 5 first downs in a game, and Glenn has marched the Ticats down the field routinely. What does that tell you?

Of course Glenn, and he is better than Bishop as well. Bishop throws to many pics, hopefully he can fix that problem .

,,,,wait till his wonky knees start to buckle....and he starts hiting the opposition db s. instead of his receivers.... :lol: he'll really start chewing his fingernails on the sidelines along with the fans.. :lol:

Did he not break his arm at the end of the 2007 season? 2008 started off not so good, then ended it Id say fairly good. I dont think broken limbs heal all that qick. I do hope the best for Lefors tho, He dose play with alot of heart!

:roll: you got to be kidding me, should have known better to see this in a Bomber thread

Where is your sense of humor? MaybeI'll start a who's better: Green, Crandell or Bishop in the Riders forum



unquestionably kevin glenn is the much better QB

seems like bomber fans just want change for change sake with the QB, and all common sense is thrown out the window