Who Is Alvin Washington?Do You Know?

well im glad to see jamie go and im happy to see a new face in. but for som reason i cant picture who this face is. Alvin Washington, Washington spent four years at Boston College. He finished his college career with 74 tackles, six quarterback sacks and 15 tackles for a loss ...

now thats about all i know about him from his Bio here on ticats.ca

but would sombody who knows more about him let us all curiouse fans know what type of player he is?? by the sounds of thing.. not a pass rusher, 4 years at bosten college and only 6 sacks, but he looks like the typa guy who can be used against the run.. seeing as he has 15 tackles for a loss, 74 regular tackles.

-Did Alvin play at all for Sask at all last season?? did he do any good?

if sombody who knows more about him then me let me know! that'd Be Great!!also some pics would be great!

Practice Roster only last season. Riders just re-signed him in January.

This guy may have tons of talent but I think hes on the short size at 6'1" seeing we already have two DLs that are just 6'2" making it easier for QBs to pass up the middle,just a thought. We are now looking for hight on our reicever corps and forgetting our D line.

When Desjardins commented about the aquisition of Washington, he played up Washington's quickness. That tells me that Washington is being looked at as a DE, or sack specialist, who will be expected to explode outside and get to the QB fast. It would be nice if Washington had height, but sometimes speed is a better asset for a pass rusher coming off the end.