Who in this forum is going to Toronto?

I know I don't post that often but do I check the Forum every day just to see how things are going. I am going to Toronto and am wondering who else in this forum is going. Anyone?

If I can find a crazy seat sale for airfare. I'm just a student :frowning:

As am I. I don't think I could afford all the drinking that's going to be required leading up to the big game either.

I don't know if this would work, but I almost flew out of the states into Toronto. It was cheaper and easier to get a ticket than going through West Jet or Air Canada.

Imagine me now a rider fan! I have already booked my tickets on Ebay with 3 rider fans. Can't waitto get there. Congrats Riders. Dust let us know where you are staying and we will meet you at the game. Wahhoooo!

We will be leaving on thursday probably. Driving up by truck. Holds 6 people. Only 4 going so far let us know if you need to hitch a ride.

I'm there. Get there thurs morning, leave tuesday morning. My liver is gonna hate me next week.

Go Riders

I have school, but my football buddies are going. I think alot of prairie people will be going spur of the moment.

Flying out on Friday. Wanted to spend the week there, but vacation time is getting scarce.

One thing for sure with these two teams and their fans, Toronto will see a praire explosion, banjo stuff comments etc. could be very interesting in ol laid back conservative Toronto!

Just booked my flight out, just have to find Grey Cup tickets now (although I’m not worried).

Go Riders

I booked my flight in advance and had decided to go regardless of who won. Should be a lot of fun.

7 of us coming from Europe myself + the other half who is from Moscow and one other traveling from London and we will be joined in Toronto by 3 French friends coming from Perpignan via Paris and a friend coming up from New York BTW one of the friends coached then National French Rugby League team for several seasons Jacques Jorda a legend


I'm going to Toronto, though it is only an hour east of me by car. Tailgate parties with my Regina friends! Hoping to nab a couple of tickets just before the game, on a budget. Otherwise we'll hit a sports bar.

We flew to Regina for the weekend semi-final and watched the game at the Press Box. Almost as fun!


Coming in on Friday night for the Vanier Cup with my boys…staying the weekend for the cup…I’d be willing to sell my tickets, but the kids would kill me…I’m doing my best to raise a new generation of CFL amd AAAARRRRGGGGGOOOOOOO fams…they’re 10 and 7.

Spyder Halifax with my son COMING FROM cALGARY

I'll definitely be going as myself and my two fellow "tackling buddies" from the GC Festival infomercial have our tickets to the game on Sunday. One of them and myself will be trying to squeeze in as many inexpensive events on the Friday and Saturday; including the Double Blue Bash (and Locker Room Sale) at the Convention Centre on Saturday and hopefully the Calgary Pancake Breakfast on Friday.

Grey cup tickets all over the place. Selling cheap. WEST JET and AIR CANADA announced seat sales and more flights today. Gonna be a great time.