Who in his right min would pay…...

I recently read that a seat on the 40 yard line, 10 rows up is going for $22,000 at the Super Bowl. Good grief! It must be nice to have that kind of money. :rockin: That would buy a pair of Lions seasons tickets for 13 consecutive years! Why would anyone be willing to pay that kind of money??

I also read that suites at the SB are going for $250,000 [10 people per suite]. How many drinks and pizzas will three grand buy?

Status symbol for rich people and companies to have seats I guess because other than that, I have no idea why anyone would pay that. I wouldn't even pay that for the Grey Cup if I had the money to be honest. Maybe for a night on the town with JJ from Criminal Minds though. :wink:

Haven’t seen Criminal Minds for quite sometime but I do see what you mean. lol :rockin:

Only ones who would pay that are contest winners & corporate sponsors. Game was a snoozer,most switched channels by halftime :rockin:

Switched channels to what? Every TV network on the continent rolled over and died in awe of the "BIG GAME".