Who impressed you,so far?

I've been impressed with Pat Woodcock,Earnest Jackson,and Rashaun Woods.I think we have needed an upgrade at the reciever position and these guys look great.Lumsden looks like he's 100%,running very well.

Earnest Jackson, Jonathan Carter, Ryan Glasper, Rontarius Robinson, Jykine Bradley, Willie Ponder, Eddie Cohen

Quite a few others as well.


He, imo, has a much better feel for camp, and is really more relaxed and has an amazing attitude!! This will make a huge difference i think!

The second thing that has impressed me isn't a "who" so much as a "what". The Attitude in this camp is great! like it really is fantastic! at the Black and Gold Game yesterday players were really looking positive, and acting as a team, which is something that i think has been missing for a while with us! :slight_smile:


At yesterday’s scrimmage I thought that Cohen, Scott Mitchell, Earnest Jackson, Lumsden, and Quinton Porter all looked really good.
On the D, I saw some good plays from Jykine Bradley, Markeith Knowlton, Ryan Glasper and Dennis Mitchell.
Although I must note that many players looked really impressive. :cowboy: