who hit's the hardest past or present

I think the Hitch hit on Davis is the ONE hit I remember best...another BIG hitter was Zac Henderson, a DB from Oklahoma... played in late 70's

On a consistent basis, I’d make it a tie between Zambiasi and Hitch for “best hitter.”

All others paled in comparison or were sporadic with their hits, whereas with Zam and Hitch, I expected someone to get the snot knocked out of them at every game.

I used to hang-out with a few of the Cats in the Dawson era.
Back when they really played a Black and Gold game the receivers used to see what team Bobby Dawson was on, and hope it was theirs.

If you're referring to the Bobby Dawson of the '90's, then I agree completely. He was a beast and a good friend of mine.

Shelling, Hitch and Zambiasi also come to mind. There have been quite a few big hitters in our history.

My brother mentioned Lewis Porter (I don't know who he is..lol)

3 blasts from the past

Ted Paige

Bob Kuntz

Ralph Goldston

and the hardest hitter of them all...Goldie!

Troy Davis. As a blocking back he destroyed many blitzing linebackers and lineman twice his size.

I must agree with the mention of Bobby Dawson. He seemed to bring a huge hit to every game. I also remember Corris Ervin making a few nice smacks on receivers in the same era.

I would also have to say that Sandy Beveridge brings some big hits at times. Not the best cover guy but he can bring wood.

Corris Ervin?

Now theres a blast from the past..

but ??

how about Dewey Lincoln?.

Probably not at the top of the list, but little Bobby Crause could deliver a lick. Paige, Kuntz, and Goldston...ah back when the black and gold were feared. And as was pointed out, big Ang made it a habbit to make our home field a rather unpleasant place to walk the sidelines...Modern era, Hitch for sure...

u got that right scotiakid.,..

when the black and gold were FEARED.

not Humoured.. and PLEASE dont tell me that those uniforms engender fear>!?
the red stripe and all looks downright silly.

GO RETRO! allllll the way back to the 60s

BECAUSE boys and girls THATS when the CATS RULED

mosca, scott, barrow, pete neumann (Does anyone ever speak of him..? well you should! 9 time ALL star- CFL Hall of Famer!)

anything else is just plain window dressing.

For example, BARROW played 2 ways - both offensive and defensive tackle ---

guys like Ellison Kelly and Hardy Cureton- Chet Miksza... Paul Decker, Stan Crisson, Dave Viti, Eddie Macon (Ill even add Prince Hal though we stole him from the Als)
to the shock of my younger readers. some Ticats earned their keep working off season at Stelco and Dofasco...

and Jungle Jim Trimble and the Supreme Genius Ralph Sazio... they had player airlifts from the Giants and Green Bay that were truly remarkable, George Scott, Jim Pace, Mel Anthony, Larry Hickman, the inimitable Garney Henley/.... NOW THAT WAS A TEAM

AND THAT IS THE LEGACY for the Hamilton Ticats to live up to ...

The Legacy of Hard hitting Ticat football starts somewhere indeed. It starts in the late 1950s and goes until Canadas Centennial... and wonderful players like Ben Zambiazi, Howard Fields, Al Brenner... they follow in those footsteps.

we are more like the Green Bay Packers than the Pittsbureg Steelers in our heritage... a city that shouldnt by rights survive as a sports town but does by virtue of our football.


liked Hitches hits!

Great Post.
I enjoyed the walk down memory lane.
Zambiasi and Hitch were all time great hitters and I well remember some of the licks that Fields administered.
Last year I thought that Tay Cody delivered the bigest hits...

I'm surprised there has been no mention of Ralph Toohy. I know that's going back in time.
When Ralph played for Montreal, he was the dirtiest, meanest tackler in the league.
When he came to Hamilton, he suddenly became OUR hard tackler. When his team kicked off, Ralph was always first man downfield, and he would literally throw himself into the other team's wedge.

i think that hit last night by thompson on hoffert has got be up there, you could hear that pop from main st.

Ya me too, unfortunately they were usually after the guy caught the ball. Zambiasi provided the most impact time and again on his hits from a spectators perspective. Man that guy was great.

I'm liking the way Glasper hits.

Here's a modern list according to a player. Formerly yours, now ours, Kamau Peterson:

check it out