who hit's the hardest past or present

After watching the past couple of weeks, I have noticed some major hits that should destroyed the recievers. Last nights hit of Peterson in Edmonton was just amazing. My pick for hardest hitter is Hitch, not only because I am a Cat fan but for the fact that receivers hated catching the ball anywhere around him. I remember him damm near taking Alan Pitts head off a couple of years back at Ivor Wynne, Pitts layed on the feild for quite awhile before being carried off. There maybe someone better at delievering the big one, but i don't think anyone was more feared than Hitch.

On a consistency basis, cornerback Jerry Anderson (1980-81) was the hardest hitter the 'Cats ever had. The best single hit I've ever seen was Hitchcock on the Alouettes' Tyree Davis.

Hitch on Tyree Davis is the biggest hit ever.

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Ben Zambiasi on (drawing blank here) Paul? circa 1985 vs the Argos in Toronto.

absolutely i believe 2000 playoffs hitch hit him so hard tyree was puking on the field and on himself.
from what i know some of the mont receivers were taunting robby telling him he was slow. well slow don't matter much when youre knocked the f%&k out.
another one was a cold and wet afternoon in 1984 when john priestner helped turner gill to the concordes dugout.
but my fav was in 85 east final when paul bennett broke big nick aragki's ribs across the middle, you could hear the hit from the top of section 8.lol

was that one on condredge holloway on the goaline in toronto ? was that ben or bennett?

I remember watching Zambiasi knock the snot out of Argo punt returner Billy Hardee at Exhibition Stadium around that time.

Ben Zambiasi's smack on Jerome Erdman in a game against Winnipeg in 1986 at IWS or Hitch's hit on Tyree Davis in 1999 against Montreal at IWS as well.

Hardy Brown was banned from the NFL for his hits in which he somehow uncoiled his shoulder hit to deliver a smashing blow. He came to the Tiger Cats where he played the same way, but was mysteriously dropped after putting Argo starting backs out for the season in back to back games. (Corky Tharp was one, and i forget the name of the other one.)
Bob Jackson

I'll second the motion re Jerry Anderson. He was a really hard hitter game after game. The other guy who played that way consistently each game was Ted Page in the '60s. He was a little guy, but pounded way above his weight.

For individual hits, Zambiasi and Hitchcock's efforts noted above are memorable.

Another I recall was actually against us. I think it was Marv Luster who hammered Dave Fleming to the ground one game after Dave caught a Zuger pass, but Dave saw it coming and hit Luster just as hard. The crunch sound was amazing, and both went down like sacks of potatoes. But after a few seconds, Dave got up and trotted back to the huddle. The Argo stayed down and was carried off.

8) Hardest hitters on TiCat teams, I would include, Jerry Anderson, Zambiasi, Paul Bennett, Hitchcock, Teddy Page and Bobby Kuntz !!

Shock Chris Shelling

especially when he knocked Feragamo back to the NFL!.. :lol:

I know people are taking this thread in a Ticats-only direction, but the hardest consistent hitter I recall from the CFL in not-too-distant memory is Bennie Thompson of Winnipeg.

Not sure of the season, but Ben hitting fire hydrant sizes B.C. RB Larry Key.
Best hit that I ever saw.

I also enjoyed the clothes-line from I believe from DeVonte Peterson on a special teams tackle against Winnipeg.

Exabition game at IWS. Winnipeg vs Hamilton
Bobby Dawson knocked out rookie Winnipeg quarter back - forget his name. Dawson hit him so hard he was out cold. I was sitting in box J - you could hear the pop from the stands. Bobby was a pretty goog hitter in his time.

I also enjoyed the clothes-line from I believe from DeVonte Peterson on a special teams tackle against Winnipeg.
8) Speaking of clothes-lines, I think the TiCat that best delivered that form of punishment was Johnny Williams (father of present day TiCat RB John Williams).
 If he didn't invent that move, he sure had it perfected, and when he delivered it, it was a thing of beauty !!!!!         <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

And that was in preseason LOL

Zambiasi and Hitch on a regular decleating basis for me. Jerry Anderson was also one heck of a gobsmacker while he was in the Black and Gold. Paul Bennett and Howard Fields also were violent hitters over the middle.

Mosca, Page, and Kuntz are also in that conversation -- Mosca being more the immovable object that lowered the boom. There is still a bit of Leon McQuay in the IWS wall because of Ang. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

There is still a bit of Leon McQuay in the IWS wall because of Ang. LOL
8) Joe Theisman was also introduced quite rudely to that same IWS Wall !!! :lol:

There is no question this is the truth... Bennie? not even close. He destroyed players on special teams, and at safety, allowed the Blue to play the full blitz on situational play because his speed meant he could cover wideouts and slots man up. All you have to do is look at the fact that when he went to the NFL he made the Pro Bowl at special teams for years on a bad team.
With Bennie it wasn't a question of would there be a big hit, it was would he knock the reciever out!
I will not be convinced that anyone supercedes Bennie as the greatest hitter of all time.