Who here reads the Nat'l Post?

Apparently, a headline in the National Post was "Despite all the shenanigans, Grey Cup turns out great" (or something like that, anyway it's on the front page of cfl.ca). What do they mean by "shenanigans"? Is it another potshot that the media seems to always try their best to take at the CFL? Or are they referring to the first half?

It drives me nuts how the media is always LOOKING to take a cheapshot at the CFL. They always look for the negatives and ignore the positives. I really hope this article doesn't do that.

And as a side note, it would be really nice if we could click on the headline and read the full article, hint hint website gurus ... (granted, I'm not sure if some copyright law (or whatever) would allow it)

the general Media sucks

What you reading my toilet paper?