Who here plays football?? Local (Montreal)

Just wondering if anyone is interested in playing Australian Rules Football in Montreal, Ontario and BC have state leagues but there isn't really anything here in Quebec I know of... I'm an Aussie and from what I've seen Montreal hockey players would be a perfect fit... anyway anyone who is interested..

I don't think I can answer your question. But, I was hoping to join a flag football league in my neighborhood. A league that was made for fun, where guys of no talent could play football and have fun; much like, softball leagues.
With a web search, I found none. It is a shame. Football (flag football) can be played by anybody. Someone should start a non aggressive (flag football) league in Montréal. let everyone play and promote sportsmanship and the love of football!

here you go


im not sure of the caliber but u can get in touch with them. there is a few guys in there that i played with when i was younger (full contact.. we were...young)