Who have been the new training camp standouts for your team?

What are some names to watch out for, who stand a good chance of cracking the roster? I'll start off in BC:

LB - Micah Awe - pencilled in behind Solly Elimimian, he's been so good they may move him to the weak side LB spot vacated by Adam Bighill.

WR Maurice Morgan - improving and turning heads every day at camp. But with so many star receivers, he's going to have to outplay someone like Nick Moore in order to start.

DE - Josh Shirley - in a heated battle with FA DeQuin Evans (Alouettes) for the rush end spot vacated by Alex Bazzie.

2 Nationals have improved by leaps and bounds over last year:

DB Anthony Thompson - was 2nd round selection (12th overall) in the 2016 draft, he stood out at the first preseason game. Extremely versatile, can play safety, field corner, or nickel really well! A lock to make the team.

WR Shaquille Johnson - was a 4th round selection (32nd overall) in the 2016 draft, he is catching everything in sight at camp and has moved right up the depth chart.

I went and watched TC in Kamloops awhile back. Beautiful spot. WR Morgan was unreal and Moore can never stay healthy it seems. Has a high ticket as well.

It’s hard for observers to really see the inner workings of linemen and LB in TC but there is a lot of speed on this team.

So nobody has any feedback about any new standouts to watch out for, and/or players who've impressed thus far in the preseason games??

It seems as though a lot of folks here seem to only care about off-field stuff like attendance, TV contracts, and new stadiums instead of substantive football talk. :roll:

Antwane Grant has been great in camp. He does the little things as a receiver that make him open consistently....the slowdown so the DB slows and then the burst to the ball in the last second....the act of putting his hands up at the start of a cross so it looks like a hook and draws someone out of position. He missed a couple in the game (one was a bad drop, another he would have simply made a highlight catch) but he looks very good. Even with Roosevelt and Carter, he may have had the best camp....he was up there anyways.

Kacy Rodgers impressed me in limited action last season...but I think he might be the best DB on the Rider's roster...which is saying a lot because Gainey was the most successful pass defender in the league in 2016. His technique is seemingly perfect. It is so good that you tend to think he might be slow because he clearly puts so much homework into it but he is actually fairly fast as well. If I am a scout I see where he played HS ball and who his coach was and follow leads to post secondary players from there because he was taught well.

Late addition Moncrief at SAM looks like he might pan out very well. He came in the 2nd week of camp and from the time he stepped on the field has been impressive. It was kind of weird seeing him come on because he made 3 big plays in about 5 plays run, and you were like 'who is this guy' because he hadn't been around. He has just gotten better each day, but to come in and play SAM day one with no CFL experience and read the plays like he was...might be something there. He has rotated to Safety some as well...his natural position.

Mrabure is listed at 250...no way. He is 275 or 280 now. He looked pretty good last season for a rookie on the DL. Better at DE than DT but they liked his push at DT...now he put on the extra muscle mass and is actually probably the best DT on the team....I was shocked by this.

Willie Jefferson....not much needed to say there...the guy is a stud and amazing athlete...I think most CFL fans already knew that though.

There have been others that of course have had their moments, but those ones really stand out to me.

I think the single biggest surprise of camp has been the NIs on the OL as a whole though to be perfectly honest. I know this sounds heavily green tinted but they did well on the OL draft. Murphy has always been good with OL and in particular NI...it shows with this group. JSJ has been solid and I would project him as the starting RG. Guy has a legit chance of pushing Clark. Bladek you can just tell is going to be for real...I don't know if he is ready hear and now, but I would feel comfortable playing him in a pinch...he would make errors but he would get by...he has a great work ethic...he is always with the workhorses like Bagg in individuals. Adusei was converted from DT to OT and has actually done exceedingly well for playing a new spot..and I mean he is 21 so....he is most likely to be let go, but with his age it might be a big mistake. Meredith has actually stepped in as LT a fair bit and actually didn't look terribly out of place...and he looks ready to start at OG IMO. Even their Jr guy is doing well. I kept thinking the DL just wasn't cutting it because there was no way they could flip their content so well in one year but it is starting to look like they have. They already moved Vonk and I am expecting them to move someone else...they are going to have a hard time keeping all of these guys around and there really isn't a lot NI wise I would want to cut. Then they still have LaBatte, Clark, Dyakowski, and White. I am not saying that they could start all of these young guys but mixing in with vets they would be alright...they will make mistakes but they seem like a solid very group.

Nicely detailed, depop. Interesting to read about the progress of Esi Mrabure (BC's #1 draft pick in 2015).

Still not sure if he constitutes the 'steal of the century' by the Riders or a bungled attempt by Wally to hide him (and Dillon Guy) on the practice roster. Either way he was plucked having not really impressed in his rookie year (2015).

Most of us that have watched football for years don't put a lot of stock in "standout" in training camps. It's about "wait and see"
There has only been one pre-season game and the first game is usually back-ups against back-ups and hard to determine who is a standout. A new running back who ran great against back-ups may not look so great against 1st stringers.
Most teams like to put their 1st stringers together in the second pre-season game and at least let them play for half the game.
Ask the question next week after the second pre-season game is over.

Wish I could add to the conversation, but alas, not sure who is standing out in Argoland...

Went to one Als practice as well as the intra-squad game in beautiful downtown Sherbrooke and came away impressed with unheralded ex-Butler QB Matt Schiltz. Thought he showed better than both Vernon Adams and Jacory Harris, admittedly not the highest standards.

Schiltz also performed well in the 1st pre-season game, and both Chapdelaine and Calvillo have been impressed with him. Mechanically sound, strong arm, quick decision maker, mobile.

Obviously still a small sample size. But as an Als fan still yearning for the next AC, one tends to grasp at all straws.

In Calgary, it appears the Ricky Stanzi could move up the QB depth chart. I thought he actually looked really quite good against Edmonton. I believe the #2 job is Buckley's to lose, but Stanzi will likely beat out Mitchell Gale if I had to bet on it today.

For the Esks, I thought WR D'haquille Williams looked like starting CFL material.

I would say Gale is firmly behind him.

Since cfl.ca doesn’t always have the proper rosters promptly posted, what’s the best place to find out who made the cut?

Davis Tull