Who has the hottest chearleaders??

yeah man its damn hot here..and i been everywhere in canada with a cfl team there and went to at least one game at every stadium..and i must say that Winnipeg has the hottest..then Montreal..then B.C

Montreal has the hottest women in Canada. I went to an amusement park yesterday and 8/10 hot women were from Quebec. And this is in Toronto.

Only one team has a cheerleader who was on Howard Stern's radio show saying and doing some very nasty things. They had two, but one is no longer with the team.

Montreal girls are also great dancers. I once got a "face lift" from a girl who grew up in Montreal and man did I ever feel refreshed afterwards, clean as a whistle. 8)

The Riders were doing dance teams for a while.
However this season they started with Real Cheerleaders. They do flips and jumps and stuff.

I think it was an executive decision that came after a few Tillman/Austin meetings regarding that same topic. So I voted Saskatchewan, there is one girl Cheerinleading for the Riders that has real nice dark skin. Looks Great!

Don't you go to the Grey Cup every year...?
You can see them all there. Sometimes even party with them....

And by the way, I voted for the 'Smo Girls....

u could always go onto respective team sites and check out the cheerleader sections of them all. and i have no idea, there are some good looking girls on the blue lightning but most likely not the hottest and well i hate their routines

I'm so sad! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

No one has offered plane tickets yet! I promise to be objective!

I say the Lions Dance team

<- goes to school with her. Dont have any classes with her but she is friends with one of my friends and is jsut as hot in person.

Whenever I travel Im always disapointed that other cities dont have as high a percentage of hot girls as they do in montreal the hot girls far outnumber the not hot ones

Everything is sexier in french eh? :wink:

Rant rant rant...

I really can't say because I never have a chance to see them any more. All games now feature that fold-up advertising along the sidelines which effectively cut off access to the field. Cheerleaders are left to stand off-camera and are seldom seen even by spectators. Hey - the cheerleaders really made a difference in my enjoyment of the game. Since installing the advertising all I'm left to watch is the big TV in the endzone with the ridiculous "smooch-cam". Point that thing at me and I'll beat you with it! Damn the ads and free the cheerleaders!