Who has the hottest chearleaders??

So... Which team do you think hires the hottest chearders?

I put in a vote but I like them all.

...with an expected high of 28C I'd say the gals in Winnipeg are the hottest today....

....not sure what a chearder is, sounds like someone who works with sheep or something...most likely not a hottie....

This is not a fair poll. How can we decide with out seeing all the cheerleaders up close and personal.

Until I can get up close and personal, I’m afraid I can’t register my vote.

Now, if some one would like to buy me air fare for the seven other CFL cities…

I'll get to see the Stamps cheerleaders this weekend. I'll be in Regina in Sept and Edm in October so I'll hold judgement til the end of the season

...I motion Lionbacker to be the fair and impartial judge of the Western CFL Hot Cheerleader contest then....

....I further motion Turkeybend to be the fair and impartial judge of the Chearder contest....

...can I get a second on both or either of these motions...

Second, I can live with that

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders... Most CFL cheerleaders look like linebackers beaten with an ugly stick and have the the sexy rhythm of drunken fan with tourettes syndrome in the midst of an epileptic seizure. Choreography reminiscent of the mini-pops. Attire supplied from their blind grandmothers closet. 10 beers couldn't save these girls.

like most everything in the CFL - its 2nd rate.
I prefer my cheerleaders bulimic, cocaine lusting, hooker attire, with gigantic fake breasts. hehe


Does anybody still have any cheerleaders? Edmonton used to have some that at least did gymnastics.

Shouldn't this thread be about dance teams.... :slight_smile:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I have Angela from the Lions on my screen saver at work, strictly for my eyesight of course.

I voted for Al's cheerleaders...because of Alexandra :wink:

I agree. CFL cheerleaders are not that great eye candy. NFL cheerleaders look like porn stars compared to CFL cheerleaders.(I only make this judgement on pictures i've seen of jenna jameson)


Try 35C. I should know, I had to work in it all day.

MONTREAL Follow by Toronto and Calgary
Then BC Edmonton Hamilton Saskatchewan

I'm biased but look for yourselves:


The Eskies cheerleaders are definitely hot, cfleskfan. And, they are far and away the most talented team, with all their coordianted arial flips and throws. And yes, I do realize that you need men on your chearleading team, if you are going to be throwing 105 pound 19 year old ladies 15 feet in the air, you need men to catch them. Lay off the gay jokes, as I actually think they got a pretty sweet job for a straight dude.

The main problem, where the CFL chearleaders will never be able to compete with the NFL, is when our fall season starts. Chearleaders wearing parkas and toques and full leg pants rather than short skirts, just doesn't do it for me.

I voted Montreal simply because it's Montreal, case closed.

BC girls and Argos girls never wear Parkas(well at home games)
But they never wear skirts either, they always wear Spandex... I must say the camera angles on some of those lionesses are suprising, I wouldn't think those would be allowed during prime-time TV.

2006 WBB Cheerleaders are pretty good, issue is their hairstylist sucked.

It would be nice to be able and compare the full 2007 squads, but alas it's not easily done and I'm too lazy to go check all the team sites.

I don't tend to like Hamilton Cheerleaders... might be the outfits but.. not great.
MTL and BCL tend to have good groups. of course looks wise.
Edmonton has the most talented.
Sask.. well they have a hot tub, why look at the Cheerleaders when you have drunk girls in a tub? lol.

Anyone who watched the week 3 game in Winnipeg got to see some wet Cheerleaders, they looked pretty good right then.