Who has the better regular TD pose?

Pretty self expanitory, lil' bored.
PS. I don't know what they actually call the move's, but I know Geroy refers to himself as superman and Bruce refers to himself as a star :smiley:

Bruce's "Superstar" : Kevin Glenn touchdown pass to Arland Bruce III in Toronto - September 11, 2009 - YouTube
Simon's "Superman" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLo1z9cX ... re=related

That's Bruce's "superstar" pose? :? I suppose it's better than his Michael Jackson pose...

Geroy in a landslide.

I thought that was Bruce's Spiderman pose?

i find this a bit of a stupid post and poll.

im a fan of ben cahoon's give the ball back to the ref, and get back into the huddle or get off the field.
i don't condone victory poses/dances regardless of how brief or classy they are. the most i'd let slide is a spike as long as no one else is near, - only on majors. pumping a fist is fine. more than that, if i was a ref, you'd be seeing orange.


Ickey Woods of the NFL Bengals. The Iggy shuffle. :thup:

Would you perhaps in anyway be related to Buzz Killington? Just Curious :lol:

geroy in this poll but i agree with mr killington.. alot of the celebrations people do just make the cfl look very bush league at times but at the same time, nothing wrong with celebrating a touchdown.. i dont get it when the team is down by 14 or some odd points but allright, whatever its not the no fun league so whatever works really but i do agree that sometimes its a little much for sure. when ur losing big and u see some dude posing, well.. thats all well and good but they are losing why is he acting like he just scored the game winning td. i dunno.

Would your rather the CFL turns into a stuck up no fun league like the NFL? Give the fans what they want to see.

I'm a Lions fan so I vote for Geroy. But the best I've seen by far is the Ti-Cats in the boat last year.

well i dunno about the boat thing, that was pretty classless actually and they should have been flagged for being morons

ITT: a whole bunch of people who need to loosen up.

I'd rather the CFL allow the flexibility it does at the risk of time here or there where it's taken a bit far. The NFL runs too much like a communist regime on this and being called bush here and there because of an excessive td celebration is better than being called the No Fun League like we hear a lot, IMHO.

They were on both occasions. I have seen many TD dances that are much more classless than a spur of the moment (the first time anyway) home playoff clinching TD.

Lighten-up. That boat thing was one of the best TD celebrations ever.
Leave penalties for entertaining celebrations that 90 percent of the fans want to see to the the No Fun League.

I love the celebrations, it just reinforces how passionate the players are for the game, and that's great.

I also love it when players taunt the other teams fans, but it's poor sportmanship to taunt the other team, which is why they can be penalized.

That's the way it should be, leave it alone.

Geroy for sure. :thup: