Who has the best......?

Well the question is simple: Which team do you think is the best at a certain area?
Oline? QB? RB? Recievers? DLine? Linbackers? Secondary?

Best Oline? HAs to be WPG. Even with some major injuries here, WPG's hogs have given Glenn the time to find recievers, given up the least # of sacks, and have opened major holes for Roberts who has been on top of the rushing list for most of the year (and should be back on top after this week!)

O-Line Winnipeg with honorable mention to BC
D-Line BC with hon. mens. to Winnipeg and Sask
QB Sask's Kerry Joseph with hon.men. to Edm's Ricky Ray
RB BC's Smith with hon. men. to Winnipeg and Hamilton
Recievers BC with hon. men. to Winnipeg and Sask
Lbackers Sask with hon. men. to Toronto, BC and Winnipeg
Secondary Toronto with hon. men. to Winnipeg, BC, and Sask
Spec. T's BC with hon. men. to Montreal and Toronto



O-Line : Winnipeg (BC )
D Line : BC (Sask)
QB : Winnipeg Glenn (Sask Joseph)
RB : Winnipeg Roberts (Sask Cates)
Receivers : BC (Calgary)
Linebackers : Sask (Toronto)
Secondary : Toronto (BC)
Special Teams : Montreal (Toronto)

QB: It would have to come down to Glenn, Joseph, and Ray. Joseph has done a good job of leading his team to victories, but how can you say the best QB in the league is a guy with a 55% completion percentage? To me it would be a toss up between Glenn and Ray, with Joseph third.

As far as recievers, I really don't think BC belongs there. They may have some big names there, but they are last in the league for passing yards. Sure the QB injuries have alot to do with that, but how can you claim to have the best recievers, and have the lowest receiving yards? I thin that would come down to WPG, Sask, and Calgary

I can say it with a great deal of confidence. The QB position in todays CFL is a whole lot more than throwing the ball on a rope to classy recievers like Milt Stegall.

Kerry has to work with less and when less cant get open....he takes off (45 times so far) for a modest average 7.9 yard jaunt.

Would you like to discount rushing yards?


As far as recievers go...

Injuries, not only to QB's in BC, but to Tony Simmons and now Geroy Simon are the main reason why they arent the most explosive bunch again this year. I did have Winnipeg only a hair behind them. And I believe Calgary has a more talented bunch than the Riders. But I dont see that talent playing well together. Including Burris whos been horribly inconsitant and reliant on his scrambling ability alot more this year, for whatever reasons.


No I wouldn't discount rushing yards, it's just that is the only thing that puts joseph in this conversation. And with guys like Dominguez (one of the best) and DJ Flick (having a great year) I really wouldn't say he's working with nothing. If he can get his completion percentage up into the modest 60's then you'd have a case IMO

I said less man...less...not nothing. I cant believe my task is getting a Bomber fan to admit to the better recieving corps. Somehow I knew going in this would turn into a strawberry social. LOL.


Well, his rushing yards, his team's 6-2 record and its leading the CFL in points scored.

My only other beefs are the choice of BC's O-line as league's best. They've done such a great job they're down to their 3rd string QB. And both injuries were breakdowns in protection - Perry faced as much resistance as he would from a turnstile on his hit on DD, and when Buck's shoulder exploded, he was landed on after running for his life.

Aside from the hype, how are they even part of this discussion?

Name an O-line that could control the best D-line(BC, IMO) better? I did...it was Winnipeg. And I stick by that.

Do you agree that BC has the best D-line? They(BC O-line) butt heads with the best every practice. Im sure you'll say no here anyways.

Is there something to be said for this? Ive heard that an offensive line thats played together as a unit for 2-3 seasons is more appealing to coaches than an O-line of all-star calibre INDIVIDUALS who havent played together before.

You asked how they are part...there it is man.


I have no beef with Winnipeg's hoggies. My complaint was regarding whoever said BC had the best o-line.

O-Line : Winnipeg (BC)
D Line : BC (Sask)
QB : Winnipeg Glenn (Edm Ray)
RB : Hamilton Lumsden (Wpg Roberts)
Receivers : Winnipeg (Saskatchewan)
Linebackers : Sask (Toronto)
Secondary : BC (Sask)
Special Teams : BC (Sask)

I really don't know much about the O-lines this year. Seems everyone's O-lines are depleted with injuries right now.

Even being a Rider fan, you can't give Joseph top marks for being the best QB, he's done very well limiting the turnovers but he has only tossed for over 300 yards once.

I think Winnipeg has the best receivers, even if all the other teams were healthy. Calgary has great receivers on paper, but they been just as incosistent as Burris.

O-Line : Winnipeg

D Line : BC

QB : Edmonton’s Ricky Ray

RB : Hamilton’s Jesse Lumsden

Receivers : Calgary

Linebackers : Montreal

Secondary : BC

Special Teams : Toronto