Who has the best string about Tom Wright?

In a death match to decide the fate of commish Tom Wright, our buddies Horus! and ThirdandTen are at loggerheads over the same topic..........who will win?!?!?!?!

hopefully THE CFL.............don't believe everything you read , this article is from the Toronto media.

From a Toronto media, but from a Calgarian reporter...

Not to mention, it is not the first time I heard that David Braley, Hugh Campbell and Robert Wettenhall want Wright out of position...

The Calgary SUN.........? And who will they get who is better?

Those people are just sore losers.This should help the CFL'S image. :roll:

The OTTAWA situation will be settled soon...........BUT will the media go crazy again? AS USUAL :roll:

I go to football games to watch football........ things like new uniforms, who owns what and when...are very secondary to me. :smiley:

.......but more importantly, who has the better topic string?!?!?!?! They both feature polls and have received a similar number of hits......3/10 has received twice the number of views as Horus!'s and twice the number of comments, does this give 3/10 and edge? Horus!'s though features some comedy while 3/10 is all business....oh my oh my, but even my stupid string is getting more reaction than their legit strings, oh the humanity.........

I also go to football games to watch the great plays, but you should worry about who is the commish, for bad décision can send your beloved league on the declining road again. A healthy league will give you a better show.

Hey RedandWhite... it seems like YOU are winning the "Wright thread contest" :stuck_out_tongue:

Who would you replace him with , them?

Maybe we should get the NHL COMMISH? GARY! :lol:

That’s my whole point, buddy. I wouldn’t replace him.

Whether you like or dislike Tom Wright, I think that the CFL seems to be heading in the direction of a more aggresive, free-market system with some teams willing to spend more money on player salaries. And if this is the case fine, but then what is needed is for the league to go after, any way they can, better TV contracts, either in this country or elsewhere. There is only so much money than can come from putting more people in the seats ie. Montreal where they are sold out and other teams with smaller stadiums. It seems, then, that the CFL needs someone who can try and cater to the TV people as much as possible, maybe to the point of even trying to get a bidding war in Canada among the various networks, although I'm sure this has been tried somewhat already, I don't know.

......having each voted for themselves, 3/10 and Horus! are absolutely tied for this contest......check back tomorrow to see if they will vote for themselves again!............