Who has the Best Recieving Core in the League

3.Edmonton lost Vaughn
Now I may be wrong on this so what do you guys think.

Yup, You are wrong

  1. Edmonton (getting old, but they do have some young up and comers)
  2. B.C (getting old to)
  3. Montreal (Vaughn will improve any recieving core)
  4. Sask.
  5. Calgary
    6-9 same as above.

Boy, you guys can really amaze mw sometimes. Last season Mtl had 4-1000yrd receivers for the first time in CFL history and tmtm rates them 3rd and Chrisw rated them 5th
Here are the facts for the receiving core

  1. B.C. 6335 yards
  2. Mtl. 6326 yards
  3. Edm. 5560 yards
  4. Ham. 5516 yards
  5. Cal. 4651 yards
  6. Sask. 4619 yards
  7. Winn 4534 yards
    8 Ott 4504 yards
  8. Tor 4020 yards

i recall this convo on the old huddle

Yes, I think ChrisW is a little mixed up here


.......but ro, unless you've recently replaced Copeland with some mystery receiver you can't say you'll repeat those numbers..........I think what CW was trying to get to was a prediction for this year and without Copeland it will be tough to have 4x1000 again.........

I don't think we have number 1, but if you look at what we did during the grey cup you can see the argos belong higher then 6th

We did replace Copeland with a receiver, what was his name again?
Oh yea, Vaughn

I to am not saying that Mtl will be first this year but we are far better than 5th


(1) BC
(2) Edmonton
(3) Montreal
(4) Calgary

The only reason why Montreal had 4 1000 yard recievers is because of the QB that they had. Im not asking you which recieving core will have the most yards. I'm saying out of any recieving core which one would you want on your team. Your basing your answer on yards alone. If every team had the same QB which recieving core would you want. Sorry but Montreal's isn't the best out of them all.

They way I see it is that Mtl had 4-1000 because of the QB and the QB had 6000 yards because of the receiving core. Lets face it, does the QB make the receivers or the receivers make the QB?

I am basing my opinion on yards because that is what counts. If your recieves are not open it doesn't matter who the QB. is. Montreal has one of the bests receiving core(certainly not 5th) because they get open. A large part of that is because one of them well get double teamed and someone will get open.

Another thing to look at is the yards after the catch. Its one thing to catch a ten yard pass and be tackeled and another to gain 10 more after, which Montreal does very well.

Every receiver in the CFL is a pro and 99 times out of a 100 they will catch the ball if it hits them in the numbers. I look at receiving yards first and foremost because it is all part of why they caught the pass, how they caught the pass and what they did after regardless of who the QB. is.

Id have to say that the QB does make the the recievers and the recievers help the QB. You can't tell me that if a team like Saskatchewan or Edmonton had Calvillo throwing the ball the numbers wouldn't be similar. But I guess you also have to factor in how much a team runs per game compared to passes. Saskatchewan has the highest running attack so naturally the numbers aren't going to be like Montreals. or B.C's. But the fact remains that they still have a very good recieving core.

  1. BC
  2. Mtl
  3. Edm
  4. Toronto
  5. Ham
  6. Cal
  7. Sask
8) Ott
  1. Winn

I think that is pretty close to right for skill but im not sure who is worse between Ott and Winn... i get no news of those teams over here in the Valley

...my bad, I totally forgot about Vaughn, an equal replacement to Copeland......Montreal could repeat those numbers with a healthy Calvillo....toss up between BC and Montreal then in my esteem........

I wouldn't say Vaughn is equal to Copeland anymore. If he was, I doubt Edmonton would have let him get away.


If AC goes down in the 1st game of the yr, and Montreal has to use their backup, White???? for the season. Does that mean at the end of the yr when Mtl has thrown for 3000 yards that the recieving crew in Mtl should be ranked 6th or lower?


If AC goes down, Ell Robertson would fill in. He may not be Calvillo, but he’s not White either.

Shall White become our starter, I’d burn scarecrows wearing Als jerseys in front of Molson-Percival stadium.

It’s tough to judge a team’s receivers by passing yards per team, because teams with more passing yeards may throw a lot of screen passes to their running backs, or fewer passing yards may be due to injury troubles at QB or the team just tried fewer passes because they have a better running game.

For example, it’s not unreasonable the Eskimos would have led the league in passing yeards if Maas wasn’t injured.

This is all opinion, but judged on last year and the fact that Copeland is a Stamp and Terry Vaughn is an Alouette now, my list would go like this:

  1. Mtl.
  2. BC.
  3. Edm.
  4. Sask.
  5. Tor.
  6. Cal.
  7. Ham.
  1. Ott.
  1. Winn.