Who has the best in Game promotions

Gotta be the cowboys worlds fastest cow in Calgary

Hamilton. without a millisecond of thought, Hamilton.

What’s the promotion?

Dont’t know the best, but one of the worst is in Toronto. At BMO field, BMO does two promotions. One is a version of the shell game where the winner gets a $100 gift card, that is fair enough. Something for nothing. But the one my children and I always laugh at is the community coach of the year(one at each game), sponsored by BMO. A local community coach gets selected before the game, and is named the winner and they get $100 from BMO. Kinda chincy considering what BMO makes in a year. I mean they could give the coach $100 personally sure, but then they should give the program the coach comes from $500 or $1000, make it worthy of some real recognition BMO.

Agreed. Banks are greedy!

We give free Grey Cup tickets with the purchase of a large pizza.

Show me another city that will beat that!

lol good one!

We have a winner!

Ottawa's North Side versus South Side outdated and stupid. Real stupid. Bring back the end zone Man-on-Horse and the dancing twiddle-bugs on the video screen.