Who has the best depth at QB?

I think Katz has done a brilliant job in Hamilton, scooping Maas from the rest of the league, finding Eakin in Europe, and scouting a proven winner from Appalachian State.

If B.C still had Printers I'd go with them but right now I'd say for sure that we do. Eakin has the potential to be a future star in this league, and Josten looks like he has some potential.

Anthony Calvillo,
Nealon Greene
Marcus Brady.

Alouettes have the best depth. They've got the #3, 11 & 12 QB's in the league.

(1. ray, 2. dickenson, 3. calvillo, 4. Maas, 5. Burris, 6. Allen, 7. Joseph, 8. Eakin, 9. Glenn, 10.Crandell, 11.Greene, 12.Brady, etc...)

all three have started before in the CFL with varied success. (less so with Brady) but both can come in and close out a game, should AC get injured.

Addition: Brady may have not been worth much to us as a starter... but lets remember, McManus couldn't do much better at times. The OC was horrible, and he wouldn't be the first QB to excel after leaving the cats and going to Montreal. (and as a third stringer.... he's pretty good quality.)

I'm not sure who Nealon is,maybe if we had a preseason game with Montreal I could comment on their backups,Brady ,no.

So I vote for Ti-Cats ,what a pleasant change ,good job by the Katz (Cats)! 8)

Nealon Greene.... the old starter for the Riders.... formerly of the Eskimos....

look him up, he did quite a number to our team in the first two games of the season last year. not a great starter.... but as a second stringer... WOWSA.

My vote was for our hometown boys. This year with all that I have read I am hoping for/expecting something that I have rarely seen in the CFL. Second string QB's getting more than mop up or blow out duties. In the last couple of years it has been shown what happens when the #1 QB goes down ..... a whole lot of, well, not much .... . With the arrival of Jason and Kevin, we for the first time in years seem to have two QB that can make a difference. I guess that instead of looking at it as a 1-2 punch, we could now call it a 1-2 pao pao :>)))

Geez, wouldn't it be neat to see either one running their own plays into the huddle off the bench. Albeit, it would require that they both act selflessly and put the goals of the team above their own personal stats. I think that our offence would have much less of a problem adjusting to this than would the opposing defenses. Watching the likes of Ivory and O'Shea having hissy fits in the backfield might not be just a dream anymore.

It would be nice to see the time split as 3/4 Jason and 1/4 Kevin, plus #3 QB getting the sloppy 3rds in a mop up or blowout. Granted continued success throughout the year would be instrumental to this happening.

Isn't it game time yet ????

Oh ,Greene ,OK ....

Still vote for the Ti-Cats ...

So many QB's slip through the cracks in the States after college.

Keep up the scouting ,bring even more QB's in for a look see.

I would agree that Montreal with Greene has a solid backup and I also think that Calgary has a good 1 , 2 punch with Danny Mac as a backup . While I like Eakin , he has only started maybe 1 or 2 games in his career . You could hardly judge him as a great backup whith only that amount of game action .

Im thinking that there are people on here who think Eakin will get a lot of playing time this season, and Im thinking Maas wants to play all the time . He`s sat on the bench in Edmonton (although he did play alot in the playoffs) after having a successful season the year previous so there is no way he wants any part of a tandem this season .

I picked us (and not only because I always pick us). I really think Eakin has the talent and leadership to start in the CFL. He’s very competitive and has a terrific attitude. He’s got an arm like a cannon and his accuracy is top notch as well. He really impressed me.

Maas also has strong leadership and seems to build quite a rapport with his receivers. We’re in great shape at QB.

I have to agree with Habman about Calgary. Contrary to the opinions of some people around here, I think Danny still has a lot to offer.

I’m not concerned about Montreal. Calvillo is getting a little long in the tooth and as much as I like Brady I don’t think he has what it takes to start. As for Greene, Es, I’m sure we all know what the consensus is about his abilities (ask Migs…lol)

Experience-wise, the team with the best quarterback depth in the CFL is Montreal. They have a former starter (Greene) as a backup, and Marcus Brady is the most experienced (and perhaps best) third-string quarterback in the league. And since I'm somewhat biased toward experience, I had to pick Montreal.

However, I should point out that since teams seldom need to use their third-string quarterbacks, it doesn't often matter how good they are. It's for this reason that if you look around the league, the quarterback listed as #3 on the depth chart is some rookie with potential to move up in the hierarchy. It tends to cost less for teams to have their #3 quarterback be an inexperienced rookie with potenetial than be one that can be thought of as additional insurance. So some might say this debate may not be that relevant.

But sometimes there are rookie quarterbacks that can step in and make an immediate impact. I wonder there are any of those kinds of pivots coming into the league this year. Could Richie Williams be one of these kinds of signal callers? That could be areason the Ticats are winning in this poll by a landslide, although personal bias may be a factor. :slight_smile:

And I could not help but notice that our caretaker did not mention Patrick Josten. I wonder what Josten would think of that. And if he performs well tonight, could he possibly make the team instead of Williams? That would be considered an upset, but it could happen.

So far I’m the only one to pick the Joseph/Crandall twosome for the Riders.We are just talking QB’s here and I think as of right now before any real games are played they have more talent and experience than anybody.Joseph almost carried the Renegades last year(too bad they had very little else)and Crandall has shown that he can start.

Without geing critical. the Ticats could, have still had Brady and J B was a waste of time., -- on the other teams BC, Montreal, and Argos Could have bad season, if starter goes down :cowboy: And jones will help Eskies more than Dmac hurts stamps :wink: Riders and Ticats will meet and greet for the Cup!Taman will finaly get fired in the peg

Who care what he did against us, Todd Bankhead could have done a number on us last year in that game the way the offence would go 2 and out every series, even Gesser who's arm is shot and can't throw farther than 20 yards picked us apart. The most important fact is that Greene was beaten out by Marcus Crandel who shouldn't even be a third string q.b in this league.

GM Katz and his team have done a great job in such a sort time. Our depth at QB is one of the many areas that are looking so great right now. :thup: Our depth at QB is the best in the league.

On paper Mtl probably has the most depth at QB because of experience in the league. I think the concern with them is that it is AC's team, built to run smoothly with him at the controls. Not sure how the other two would make out running that offense if he goes down. And if the Als run true to course the backups won't see the field unless the worst happens.

I like Hamiltons depth because Maas and Eakin are similar in talents and style and both are playing in a new system that is the "teams" system and not yet the quaterbacks. As the year goes on that will change as they design the system more and more around Maas, but Eakin hopefully will be part of that change. It should make for a smoother transition if Maas has to come out.

Two really good football teams might be in real trouble in #1 goes down, Toronto & BC.

Don't know enough about the new combination on the other teams yet to comment.

So to answer the question, I think the Cats at this stage of the season.

There is no way Montreal will keep Brady as a third QB they wont want to waste the money on that position .

I can't imagine that Brady had the bargaining power this past off-season to negotiate a great contract for himself.