who has the best defence in the league.

We do! When you look at the points allowed to date, we have allowed just 2 more points than Calgary. This with a de that has a number of key injuries in the DB area. I say once Shivers and the others are well we have the #1 Defence in the league.

Not with the secondary we have.

Definitely the best front 7 in the league though.

I think Otis is great, but he's currently the oldest linebacker in the league, and the clock is ticking. Who is going to step up in the middle when his wheels eventually become a liability? I'd hate to see the Ticats have the situation the blue team had a few years ago with a washed up O'Shea lingering too long. On the other hand, Otis has been such a big part of the Cats' resurgence, I'd really like to see him get a ring here before he hangs 'em up. :smiley:

Otis turned 34 this past June.

For some perspective:
O'Shea played until he was 38. He was a league all-star at 29, and a division all-star at 30.

Alondra Johnson played until he was 39. He was last named a league and division all-star at 35.

Wille Pless played until he was 35. He was a league all-star at 34 and a division all-star at 35.

Running through a list of many well known and HOF linebackers, few were all-stars past the age of 32, and most retired shortly after their final all-star season. Some big names, like Zambiasi and Kepley, only played to the age of 32 or 33. Even guys who seemed to hang around forever (James West, Don Moen) played their final seasons at 35 and 34 respectively.

Apart from O'Shea and Johnson, I couldn't find a big-name CFL linebacker (including old-timers) who played past the age of 35. Have I missed somebody?

I have been thinking to myself for most of this season that although I really like Otis Floyd, his level of play has declined from last season and can only continue to do so considering his age. I wouldn't mind if he was used a little less during the next three games to keep him fresh for the playoffs where we will really need him to be at his best!

With the addition of Stevie BAGGS and the move of Mcintyre to DT we may have the best front 7 in the CFL NOW

But we still have the worst defensive backfield ...by far ...I don't think any of our guys could start for any other team and we do not have any shut down guy like we had in Chris Thompson .

Calgary has Hamilton would be 2nd or 3rd.. IMO

Agreed, except Calgary does give up a lot of big plays! I think Montreal's D, especially Cox, makes big plays at very opportune times!