Who has the best chance to beat Calgary?

Calgary obviously have been the best team this year and I hope that they go on to win it.
However every game needs to be won on the day.
Who matches up the best to beat them in any of the possible two games?

Who has the best chance to beat Calgary ? That's an easy one . The only ones who can beat Calgary are themselves or the game day officials or the buffoon(s) in the Command Centre or any combination of any of the three but I would put my money on the latter two the way this season has been going with the Gong Show that passes as officiating in this league lately :roll:

Edmonton or Hamilton. Collars in a one game shot could be very dangerous.

Kasps, shame on you. :slight_smile: ...... The Bombers WILL beat them.

I'm a Bomber fan but I look at things from an unbiased point of view. Collaros and Reilly are great QB's and could cause problems for the Stamps. The Bombers could cause problems for Stamps but they will have a tough West Semi final to deal with first.

I would LOVE to see the Bombers pull that off Dan :thup: :smiley: as for kasps suggestion of my Cats with Collaros…I thank you for the support but I honestly can’t see it happening this year especially now with Fantuz apparently gone for the season to go along with Tasker and Owens both being on the shelf as well. The Cats might (and it’s a big might ) make it out of the East BUT believe me they have more players on the IL than the regular roster it seems and would most likely be no match for the Stamps or anybody else from the West if they somehow actually made it to the Cup this year.

TiCats are a MASH unit right now.
They lost 3 more players last night, Fantuz being the greatest loss.
A pass first team without possession type REC's like Fantuz, Tasker, Owens in the lineup makes it tough
It also doesn't help having a depleted defensive backfield.
I know they say injuries are not an excuse, but, I fear that there just may be too many injuries to overcome especially to beat an outstanding team like Calgary.

Fantuz is out for the year, Torn ACL

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/10/29/ticats-andy-fantuz-year-torn-acl-sources/]http://3downnation.com/2016/10/29/ticat ... l-sources/[/url]

AGGGGH...Fantuz's injury is devastating.

I wonder why the Cats seem to get hit hard with injuries seemingly every year of Austin's tenure. Hard to watch. As is KA's obvious anger issues on the sidelines. Just BARELY in control if that. I do think his demeanour has a correlating effect on his teams discipline issues though. Which I think is their major flaw.

Reilly just barely beat the Cats last night and as others have said the Cats are the walking wounded, too bad, sincerely.... Biased view, Bombers win the Cup. Unbiased view, Bombers win the Cup. I prefer the positive attitude and any teams in the way are mere stepping stones.

Hey man, it's been a long time since I've felt this way. Allow me to enjoy it ! :lol:

I'm nervous about today's game and that means that we are close to the playoffs and we are in it ! :thup:

The only team I can see upsetting Calgary (if Calgary plays well) is BC with their balanced approach.
I do like Winnipeg's game as well but their reliance on turnovers is monumental. And Calgary is not prone to those. But the BB are sure playing opportunistically.
Edmonton just seems angry and kind of split apart to me. Reilly seems to be a bit arrogant, pissed at his O-line, Maas a hothead and Benevides slightly incompetent.

Winnipeg and BC for sure and Edmonton possibly - Ottawa on the East side they should have won the game at TD place .

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Drew Tate confirms start at QB for @calstampeders final regular season game.

Me and Grover are not related I just didn't want to go with Peter Griffin .

Which means by the time the West final is played, BLM will have gone four weeks without playing. That's a long rest period. Not sure if Calgary likes the idea of having the bye next week and the playoff bye the week after. Do they give their players one or two weeks off?

If the Stamps go down , it will be in the West Final.
Stamps will not go down to defeat in the Grey Cup.

I am very nervous about this up coming 3 week break.
That is tough.

Stamps will need to be taken out when they are not sharp.
If they get beat by my second team, the Lions, I will be ok with it.

FYI, the Stamps had a practice on Thu .
They were sloppy , lazy, and lack luster.
DD tore into them and was real pissed.

That is what I am talking about. Lack of focus and complacent outlook.

BTW, I could care less about this phantom record that is a focus.
There is no trophy for this.
I call it phantom, because what they would do is TIE the 81 Esks for 16-1-1 when it was a 16 game race.

Trust me , the best thing for the Stamps to get them focused, is a loss in Lark Land.

Edmonton and Winnipeg in that order. I give the edge to Edmonton with the second best Qb in the league in Rielly. That defense though, could be the death of them. No eastern team will come within 2 tds of beating Calgary unless Mitchell sustains an injury before then.

Winnipeg's pass defence is too soft . If they fix that .....................soon ! They would be in the mix.

Strange things happen when “great” teams during the season when the play-offs start. It has happened in the past in the CFL where the best team in the season either didn’t get to or win the cup (and the NFL too…can you say New England Patriots)

In 2014 they had the best team at 15-3 and were almost beaten by the 9-9 Tiger Cats…hope Dickensen reminds them frequently about that.

The only thing that beats Calgary is injuries and horrible weather that could even a game out. I still call for Calgary to be hoisting the cup in TO. This house will still be thrilled as my wife is from Cowtown and they are my second favorite team. They must watch out against the dirty Als D today.

I agree with other people here. Calgary doesn't lose unless it self-destruct. BC is the only team that beat Calgary and unlucky not to win season series. Winnipeg depends too much on lucky turnovers to win. Incumbent champions such as Edmonton rarely repeat in modern era. Entire east division consists of pretenders.