Who has owned the most CFL teams

Inspired from a thread asking who has played for the most teams, who has owned (fully or partially) the most clubs?

Braley has owned 3 that I know of. I wonder if there are others who have? Perhaps years past there was ownership who bought into a few?

that's really about it man.

Glieberman "owned" the Ottawa Rough Riders, Shreveport Pirates and Ottawa Renegades.

so 2 teams..

Skalbania owned 2 (Als in the 80s, Lion in 90s). If I recall he also tried to make a pitch for Ottawa.

I know this doesn't answer the actual question, but Harold Ballard owned the Tiger-Cats for a bit while he was systematically destroying the Maple Leafs.

Um, no, that would be three. The Riders and 'Gades were not the same team. And I will take the high road and not make a crack about counting and the Roughriders. It would be too easy.

Fred Anderson owned the Sacramento Gold Miners and the San Antonio Texans.

So, 1 team then … :wink:

i wonder if Edmonton, Sask, or winnipeg will ever get private ownership. IIRC the stamps were a public team until rickman bought them. as the cfl has a better chance of becomming a bit more finacially successful, i am curious if anyone will try to buy one of those teams (i guess it would be more of a takeover).

I don't see the Riders getting private ownership any time soon. The whole community owned is just such a big part of them. I feel there would be a huge decline in support. As for the Esks, I could actually see some oil tycoon making a bid at them...perhaps a local based oil company/tycoon.