Who has been more impressive?

The Montreal Alouettes from 1996-2012
-Put together 10 first place finishes, 5 2nd place finishes, 2 third place finishes; 5 13+ win seasons; 14 east final appearances; 8 Grey Cup appearances; 3 Grey Cup victories.


Calgary Stampeders (under John Huffnagel first as coach then as GM) 2008-18; 7 first place finishes; 3 second place finishes; 1 3rd place finish; 9 west final appearances; 8 13+ win seasons; 7 GC appearances; 3 GC wins (possibly 4).

Good question.

I guess I’d go with the Stamps under Huf. They’ve accomplished about as much in a shorter time frame in a more competitive division.

Part of what makes the Als from that period stand out, though, is that 1996 also marked their rebirth in the league, so it was awesome for them to come back and succeed like that. The Redblacks are now experiencing something similar.

Slight correction . Calgary has been including this season in 6 Grey Cups in that time (08,12,14,16,17,18 ) They’ve won two (08,14) with a possible 3rd coming on Sunday .

Also to make it a fairer comparison you should have both teams having the same number of years as a time frame . You have a sample size of 17 seasons for the Alouettes versus a 11 season sample size for the Stamps . I think a more realistic scenario would be the years between 2000-2010 for the Alouettes against the Stamps circa the years 2008-18 giving each an equal 11 season window for who was more successful and impressive in that time .

What I find more impressive about Calgary is they seem to have established a system where they are constantly developing new talent (especially at qb) whereas Montreal seemed to fall off once Calvillos career ended.

Calgary has also done it in an era of 1 year contracts.

I thought about that but what I found fascinating was how many years in a row Montreal was able to be up there in the east

ALOUETTES!!! :slight_smile: