Who has an appetite for a rally, City hall, noon on Dec 30th

Something has to be done so I want to know who has an appetite for a rally on December 30th, at noon at city hall.

WOW, not more? only 6 votes...what gives. Here is why I thnk it is needed. According to the spec, "Wednesday’s vote won’t be officially ratified until council’s next meeting on Jan 12, leaving a small window of opportunity for a solution to be worked out. Council also voted against notifying HostCo that Hamilton was formally pulling out of the stadium plans." We need to put serious pressure on council.

Sounds good, but it has to be advertised properly. Due to the timing and the season, might be a problem !

Worth a try, what do we have to lose :cry:

Sorry to say but IMO, it won't make a bit of difference.

Some of the Councillors against CPark have their minds made up and that's why they didn't even want to study CPark but instead just summarily dismiss it (who needs or wants facts that might go against my preconceived, unjustifiable, unsupportable bias?).

Too many ideological, personal, political agendas (and maybe backroom machinations) at play.

And they feel they were voted in for 4 more years so "screw you and I'll do what I want".

Really to have any impact and to make a statement, we'll need to show up in the 1000's like 10 t0 20 000 of us.
It would be great it a show of unity like that would occur.
Here's hoping.

Count me in. Unfortunately, the city of Hamilton is closed until the new year so who are we actually effecting if all the braintrust are absent. I like that, absent - for a very long time.

Do it the first week into the new year when all of council is back !! :thup:

We need to do this right !!!!!

My reasoning for Dec 30th was many people may not have to work next week (like me) so I hope for a good turn out. The alternative is Jan 12th when council has to make the ratifying vote

I think the day council votes again would be good, :thup:

Why Bother The city Hall has Spoken they Don't Want the Team....
They had well over a year to get something done and Have not!!
it better to Spend are time Finding the home in Burlington or Milton or Oakvile
a City that wants Them

Its time for the Ticats Nation to unite, keep emailing and calling city council and higher levels of government showing your displeasure.

Someone has suggested a Rally on January 12th when council votes :thup:

Council goes back to work on January 4th, I suggest going down during this week and showing the Ticats colours !!
The future of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats is in serious jeparady !!


Whens the RALLY Chewbaca1973 ?? :thup:

Jan 12th, I am trying to find out the time of the meeting (if anyone knows, please tell me).

I believe it is there standard 7:00 p.m. meeting

[url=http://www.hamilton.ca/CityDepartments/CorporateServices/Clerks/calendars2011/January2011.htm]http://www.hamilton.ca/CityDepartments/ ... ry2011.htm[/url]

Sounds good, if you need some help, let me know.


Or you could also meet on Saturday January 1, 2011 City Hall, 2nd Floor 2-4 pm
our Mayor has invited everyone to come and see him!
This could be the primer for the Jan 12 visit to City Hall!

Hay chewbace1973, January 1st Sounds Good for the first RALLY. :thup:

I sent an email to the following;

To: brian.mchattie@hamilton.ca; bernie.morelli@hamilton.ca; chad.collins@hamilton.ca; scott.duvall@hamilton.ca; brad.clark@hamilton.ca; brenda.johnson@hamilton.ca; russ.powers@hamilton.ca; judi.partridge@hamilton.ca; contact@chch.com; feedback@cable14.com
Subject: Rally
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 12:41:36 -0500

To whom it may concern;

Mayor Bob Bratina invites you to join him for his New Year Levee. Saturday January 1, 2011 City Hall, 2nd Floor 2-4 pm"

In addition, Tiger-Cats Fans will be attending to RALLY to SAVE our Hamilton Tiger-Cats !

Councillors please attend for a meet and greet with Tiger-Cats fans.

Media, Please advise the public.


Concerned Citizen !

If you don't want to support the Tiger Cats it is your option to stay at home much like the constituants of the city of Hamilton do regulary on municipal election day. I'm very concerned about the stadium issue and more concerned about the Tiger Cats. The city council and stadium and Tiger Cats issue needs to be addressed immediately. I beleive the "good old boys" need to see who actually cares about the Tiger Cats. I will most definately make an effort to get some of my friends from Hamilton who are living elsewhere to attend this rally on the day when the mayor meets his constituants. I beleive the squeeky wheel gets the grease. I intend to be a squeeky wheel until this entire mess is finally put to bed.