Who has already turned the game off?

this is terrible this is worst then there game at home vs the Bombers.[/u]

I have followed this team since the 50s and this is the worst one I have ever seen. I like everyone else thought the off season acquisitions were all good, but for some reason it has turned out to be a disaster. The offence is totally inept and the defence cant stop the run or pass attack even when other teams have their 2nd and 3rd string players in. All offensive and defensive coaches should be fired and new players brought in to rebuild for 07. This year is OVER! I have 3 tickets remaining on my flex pack, but will not go to any more games nor will I buy tickets for next year.

I turned the game off when I saw that Kenton Keith was tearing through the inept tacklers on the ticat defence. Several times they had him in the backfield for a loss, but missed tackles allowed him to make big gains. When the offence went 2 and out 4 times, I went to bed.